How To Find A Reliable Babysitter Near Me?

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Leaving your children with a babysitter is not an easy thing to do. In a world full of crimes, it gets tough to find a babysitter good enough to leave your child with them. You can contact any babysitting company available, which has a good reputation but to choose a babysitter it’s in the parent’s hands.

A company will offer you, babysitter for your child/children but how can you figure out if the babysitter would be good? For sure you would want to interview them or get to know them properly before you take any decision which is why we have something exclusively for you. 

Below mentioned are some of the points that you can consider as a foundation to shortlist babysitter for your children:


As a parent or guardian don’t be ashamed of asking 10-15 questions in a row. It’s quite acceptable to be paranoid when it comes to your child’s safety. The very first step to find a babysitter is that you should inquire about the sitter’s references. In addition to the same, get on a call with the mentioned references to see what kind of feedback they have about the person and how well they’ve performed in the past.

How good they are with time:

If your babysitter is not on time and it’s making you late for the XYZ place you’re leaving for, what’s the point of having her? Waiting for the babysitter is obviously the last thing you want to do when you’re about to leave.

Tuning of your child with them:

Ask your child if he’s old enough,  how he felt about the sitter after the session since he should feel safe in her care. Ask them questions about what happened, such as, ‘What books did you and Bella read together?’ or ‘What did you and Bella decide to play? This will give you an idea of how the sitter will interact with your children.

Emergency training:

What really counts is how well the babysitter handles an emergency situation in your absence. For a babysitter, anyone with certifications and knowledge of CPR and first aid counts as a good side of the book. After all, you want your infant to be in the best and safest hands possible in a situation of an emergency. 

What if they have other good qualities but have no experience with CPR or first aid? It is recommended to advise that the sitter attend one or two lessons even better, pay for them yourself or provide a slightly higher hourly charge if they do.

Their interaction with your child:

Some parents select a babysitter after a brief interview and possibly a brief meet and greet with the infant, but if you still have a doubt, it’s worth the peace of mind and to be more sure to request an “observation session” from the sitter. This entails having her over for a brief sitting session during which you are partially there and partially absent.  

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