What is the Best Weed E-Liquid the UK has to Offer?

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In this post we chat about the joys of weed e liquid and which is my favourite in the UK. 

Ever since CBD or industrial/ medicinal hemp went legal here in the UK, people are finding all kinds of ways to be able to consume it. Among them, vaping is certainly one of the most popular ways of getting CBD into your system. It’s safe, discreet and way more effective than other mediums such as eating or drinking. 

Another best part about it is that vaping can be done using a number of cannabis vape liquids. So, if you’re a heavy user, you can vape stronger CBD vape oils for maximum effects and if you’re a mild user, you can go for medium or light intensity weed e-liquids that you can vape more often without worrying about its effects. The latter is what I’ll be talking about in this post including my pick for the best CBD e-liquid here in the UK. Let’s get on to it, shall we? 

CBD e-liquids are the most common type of CBD oils that you can vape using any conventional or modern vaping device. CBD or weed e-liquids are already quite famous among people who want to feel the therapeutic effects of cannabis lightly throughout the day. 

Cannabis vape liquids are usually low on strength with only about 5-10% CBD concentration. Anything more than that in an e liquid may not give you the original smoothness and taste, let alone the desired effects. So, when you look for the best CBD e-liquid for sale in the UK, make sure to double check the CBD concentration and go for one which has ideal amounts of CBD content as mentioned above. 

Moving on, there are many CBD brands being launched every other day here in the UK offering a variety of cannabis vape liquids in different flavours. So, selecting the right kind of weed e-liquids may get tricky especially if you’re new in the cannabis scene. To make things easier for you, I have taken the liberty of researching the best CBD e-liquid for sale in the UK from a reliable and authentic CBD brand. 

I quickly came across a cool CBD supplier here in the UK called Paso. They sell all kinds of legit CBD products in the UK at affordable prices. Here’s what they have in CBD e-liquids.

Best CBD e-liquids in the UK! (Courtesy: Paso)

Paso is a newly launched cannabis brand in the UK and already a leading name in the market. Many of the cannabis products they sell are award winning thus considered the best at the moment. 

At present, Paso’s CBD e-liquids come in two mouth watering flavours- Mango Kush and Super Lemon Haze! Both are 10% CBD content and still maintain an authentic taste with a soft herbaceous punch. Moreover, these cannabis vape e-liquids are VG/PG based along with CBD (derived from hemp) and other minor cannabinoids (not THC!) for superior quality and maximum effects.

Give it a try and let me know what you think! 

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