How To Find Your Lost Dog?

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How To Find Your Lost Dog?


It’s very painful when your loving dog strays from home. There are many reasons for them to run out of house like in search of mate, food or company, due to curiosity if gates or windows are left open, if frightened by something or boredom. And also sometimes they are stolen. About half of missing dogs were found by owners searching their neighbourhood. Beginning as soon as possible is very important as 90% of pets are found again if the owner searches in the first 12 hours.


There are following ways that should be followed when a pet dog is lost:


  1. Search your house and neighborhood properly: Talk to everyone, your neighbors, watchman, delivery boy, children about your pet. Children are more observant than adults so talk to them in detail. Check each room carefully. Check under beds, closets, in bathroom, under and behind furniture. They find unique places to hide, so look behind and in appliances like dryers or refrigerator. Check behind access panels and water heater closet, bookshelf and under reclining chairs. Dogs love food, so you may use their favourite food or toy to draw their attention. Call your dog’s name loudly while searching. And the best time to search is early in the morning or after dark as they are more likely to come out in search of food or their caretaker.


  1. Sign up with an automated service: First 24 hours are very important in finding your pet. So try to search some good automated service that can immediately call or e-mail thousands of your nearby people about your lost dog.


  1. Go to all nearby shelters, rescue groups and animal control agencies: Different people may provide you different lead so go to all places and query about your pet. Provide them detailed information and unique feature of your pet. Call veterinary hospitals, stop by pet shops and check all possible animal related places.


  1. Put up fliers and posters: Put fliers with a clear picture of your dog with description, the dog’s name and unique feature if any and your phone number. Mention about the award given to finder clearly.


  1. Run ads in all local newspapers as well as on social media: In newspaper’s classified section put your advertisement. Check the “lost and found” ads in paper daily. Use all social networking sites and internet like facebook, Instagram, twitter etc to post detailed information about lost dog. And keep updating and posting about the same.


  1. Be aware of scammers: If someone calls to say they found your pet, don’t go alone and meet in a public place. Give reward only after getting your pet.Check lost dog postings about the found pets.


  1. Put on an ID tag: Always put ID tags with your dog’s name and your phone number, so that if anyone finds your dog can locate you.


  1. Get your dog microchipped: It is a harmless chip that is inserted into the back of the neck of contains an ID that any vet or shelter can scan for and locate you if your dog is lost. Collars can come loose when dogs are outside so it’s very useful in that case too.


  1. Try a GPS microchip or tag: Many advanced options are available like GPS tracking. If your dog is lost, you can use your phone to track him down. It can be embedded in your dog’s skin.


Also consider other options like hiring a reputable pet tracking service So don’t get hopeless and try searching in these ways, you will sure be able to find your loving pet.


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Preeti invites all pet owners to Pet Alert to stay updated for your loved pet. You should follow above mentioned steps to find your Lost Dog earliest possible for better chance of finding them.

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