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What Are The Chances Of Finding A Lost Dog?

Our pet is like our family, kids are specially attached to them like their awesome companion. Separation of your beloved pet dog is deep distressful feeling and very disappointing. And it further becomes more painful if you don’t succeed in finding the helpless creature. There are so many ways and precautionary measure to stop this trauma. Proactive approach for your pet’s wellbeing and their safe stay is appreciated while you think about welcoming them in your sweet home.


There are several ways and depending to those chances of finding your lost pet easily. Following are some important ways that will enhance the chances of getting your lost pet dog.


The chances of finding your dog within 24 hours is about 90 %. Yes, if you start immediately after sensing your pet’s absence you are more likely to get him in no time. If you act quickly and take the right steps in the first 24 hours, the odds of finding a lost pet are actually pretty good.


The chances of finding your pet within your neighbourhood within the first 12 hours, is 90 %.Start your search from your home and neighbourhood. Most pets are recovered within a 2 mile circle of their house. Search all unusual places of your house like cabinets, inside furniture or any crawling space. While searching take their favourite food or toy to gain their attraction. Search calmly all the nearby area by calling their name.


6% of dog owners found their pets at animal shelter. So do visit your local animal shelters, humane society, rescue organization, nearby vets clinics, animal control office or any other pet related places so get any clue about your lost pet.


Only 15% of pet owners reported a loss of their pet. Many times in case of dogs specially, they are stolen by someone so don’t hesitate and quickly report to your near police station if u suspect someone.


93% of lost dog reported have been successfully reunited with their owner. So must report about your lost pet in nearby police station and any lost and found organization in your area.


15% of dogs returned to their owners because they were wearing some kind of identification tag. This is the most important step while you are thinking about owing a pet. It’s a must for your pet’s safety. And your hassle free life. There are many advanced equipment that you can use. Microchipping your pet is safe, easy and effective and less painful. Also can use GPS enabled equipment that can help you in locating your pets actual position in no time. Always make them wear a collar with an ID tag so that nobody will confuse to see them as stray.


After 24 hours, the chance of finding your dog is about 55% to 65%. Don’t get tensed. Be positive and be persistent. Many lost pet have found their way back home by themselves. Do Take care and take all the right measures mentioned, all the very best!


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Preeti invites all pet owners to Pet Alert to stay updated for your loved pet. You should follow above mentioned steps to find your Lost Dog earliest possible for better chance of finding them.

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