How to Gain More Clients for Your Printing Business

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Printing Business


Every business needs printing services at one point or another. The issue, of course, is that the rise of print-on-demand services has made it difficult for small and medium printing businesses to get the business that they used to. The good news is that with a few smart changes, you can start to capture more clients and customers at a variety of price points. 


Improve your Services 


Most printing companies today offer a mix of design and printing services. You don’t need to offer more services on top of this, but you do need to offer more service options. For example, offer three levels of design services. At the very base offer a free online design tool for small and new businesses to create basic logos and business cards. The next level up offers a tiered system for your design team. This could be something like bronze, silver, and gold, with each tier offering a higher quality of service. 


The same applies to printing. By offering a variety of printing options that help those of all budgets get their printing needs met, you can bring in a wider scope of clients, especially at the begging. If you start to take on more than you can handle, you can then either expand or shift into either a budget or premium service, depending on what is more profitable for you. 


By splicing your existing services to meet the needs of more customers, you can get more clients on a more consistent basis. 


Improve Your Service Proposals 


Many of the biggest printing jobs will require a conversation. These jobs are not just a matter of a client coming to you with their requirements and you filling their order. No, you will want to work with them, write a solid printing service proposal, and then negotiate. For the biggest monopoly over your client, you will want to offer them everything that they need to get the results they want. This means a consultation, a design process, printing, and delivery. Before you progress past that consultation, you will need to draw up a winning proposal and the proposed price. 


This is how you get clients that need creative solutions. Those planning for events, those planning a new business or launch, and big marketing campaigns are all examples. Impress them once, and you’ll likely be involved with future projects. 


Improve Your Marketing 


You need to improve your marketing, and to do that, you need to clearly define who your audience is per service. This way, you can then market that specific service where your customers are frequently located. Offer a service that is perfect for small businesses on Etsy? Target this niche with a marketing campaign. Have another service that is ideal for premium clients? Get your name out there in the publications that are read by those premium clients. 

Always use a mixture of digital, print, and PR marketing to help capture clients with the specific services that will be of most interest to them. This is how you will get more bites and more interest every time. 


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