Tips To Add Shopping Cart To Your Website

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Every business needs a website. And when it is a product based website, the business will also need a shopping cart in its website. Now before we discuss how to add a shopping cart to a website, let us understand more about the shopping cart.

The term shopping cart refers to a cart that is used for holding merchandise while shopping. In the eCommerce industry, it usually means the same thing. The only difference that exists is that the holding of merchandise happens online through a shopping cart software.

When you integrate a shopping cart into your website you make your customers shop on your site. This basically happens in the following manner—

  • Your customer selects the products he or she  wishes to buy.
  • As these products are selected, they go into the shopping cart.
  • After the customers have selected all of the products they need, they can view the list of products in the shopping cart.
  • The customers can even add or remove from the product list, change quantities and see the total payable amount for each item in the cart.
  • The moment everything mentioned above is done, customers can finalise their purchase and all of this happens through the same shopping cart software.
  • Talking about the payment, customers can pay for all the products in the cart virtually and securely.
  • As soon as the purchase is made, the merchant gets notified about the order and can start with the preparation for shipping.

Add Shopping Cart to Website HTML

A shopping cart is the easiest way to connect your store to your website. Once you have created your company’s website, you can add a shopping cart to the website HTML. Here is how you can do this.

  • You can either add all your products directly to the pages of your website or embed them into blog posts. Whichever way you do, you can further add shopping cart functionality in the form of a buy button.
  • With a buy button under the product, you get to generate snippets that can be used anywhere that lets you paste HTML, covering all the websites and blogs you own. It also covers some other websites and forums owned by their parties.
  • To create the buy button, you can simply visit and get the code generated for an embeddable widget that includes the name of the product, its image price and more in no time.
  • Shop Rocket also allows you to choose the text for the buy button. Texts like ‘add to cart’, ‘buy now’ etc can be chosen for the button to help customers complete the purchase.

This was how to make a shopping cart in HTML. For more information and to get started you must check out Shop Rocket.

The potential of online stores is a lot more than one can think. By adding a shopping cart on the website, you can connect with the customers with ease. 

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