How to save your ac unit from storm?

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AC units are the life saviors for all of us in the scorching heat of the summer but once the winds blows fast and turn to be a storm then is the time when you should be very particular about your ac unit. Phoenix AC Repair ‘s have numerous cases of repairing and replacing of the ac unit after the storm so the research team of  AC Repair Phoenix have found out the ways through which you can save your ac unit from the storms and save your money from getting it tarnished and save huge money as well. 

Buy a surge Protector:- 

This is the best way to save all of your electrical appliances in your home and you can give a call to Affordable Air Conditioning Service In Phoenix and get your surge protector installed so that you can save your house from any kind of storm. This option is cheaper as well as easily available in any hardware shops near your house. 

  1. Covering ac unit:-

Though covering the ac unit is not a good idea because it will be filled up with rust and molds but you have to cover your ac units before the commencement of storms to protect them. 

Putting the waterproof tarp on your ac unit is also helpful because it will save it from hailstorm, and also protect it from the animals as well as debris. So once the storm is over you should remove the tarp so that it doesn’t becomes a home so the rust and molds. 

  1. Scrutinize the nearby area:-

“Precaution is better than cure”, so if you have any indications that the weather will be weird and there are chances of storms then it’s essential that you scrutinize the area near your house. 

  • Remove all the particles, old furniture’s etc so that they don’t invite any unwanted trouble. 
  • Cut down the plants so that there is proper air circulation and never disturb your ac unit positioning. 
  • Remove the dry leaves and even see whether there is any tree which can fall on your ac due to the heavy storm. 
  1. AC unit to be serviced:-

If you know the condition of your ac unit before the storm hits then you can take care for your ac unit properly. For this you have to get your ac serviced by the professional electricians – Air Conditioner Repair near Me. 


It often happens that the ac units works perfectly before the storms about the storm adversely affects the ac unit through their air ducts as it might get disconnected or damaged through the storm or simply the ac unit stopped running properly after the heavy storm all these problems could be assessed if proper servicing is done of your ac unit. 


It’s better to do the needful now rather than lingering it further, so without wasting any time it’s advisable that hires the expert electricians of Home Air Conditioning Repair Phoenix Arizona and gets your ac unit repaired, serviced and maintained to make it fit to face any kind of storm. 

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