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We are proud to present our humble * cricketbettingtipsfree* ( before you. In countries where cricket is a religion and a passion that all of us can relate to, a website that promises to take you where the action is!

The website not only aims at throwing light on the ongoing test/ODI international matches but will provide you with an in-depth analysis of success and failures both individually and as a team. Our reporting will not be just words or sentences but will create vivid representations of what goes on in this gentleman€™s game.

We are unique in our approach and the visitor has to only visit our site once to understand this. We promise you all the action and drama and suspense that the game of cricket brings. When we write about cricket, you can be sure cricket betting tips are what you will get. No frills, no fancy write-ups, but the truth and sweat that makes cricket such a passion with so many of us. No way will we waste your time by writing lengthy articles and unnecessary boring details. Instead, we highlight the match report, but the main and important action into words and conclude with a brief of the scores, which contain the best figures of the day.

Also, the website comes down heavily on any burning controversies regardless of nationality and preference. We will report faults for what they are, a game like a cricket deserves to be shown in its true light. Good or bad we are not biased in our reviews and will present them in front of you in the true spirit of the game of cricket.

Before you think we are just another site on cricket we would like to tell you that we eat, breath and live cricket! So it is only natural that we understand the importance of the history of cricket and the people who are legendary in their contributions to the game. Be it Don Bradman from Australia, Clive Lloyd from West Indies, who belonged to the golden era or Sachin Tendulkar and McGrath of the present we will cover their unique contributions for they are what cricket betting tips stands for; honesty, hard work, passion, fun, and true sportsmanship.

Your wishes are important to us! If you like this website, please refer at least two of your friends, so that we can build a community of cricket lovers.

Please use the contact form and let us know your thoughts/suggestions/ideas.

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