Select From Among The Best Kashmir Tour Packages For A Visit To Thus Heaven On Earth

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Kashmir has a reputation for being Asia’s very own Switzerland. The exceptionally mesmerizing place located on India’s northern borders is almost like a destination from a fairytale. A haven of beauty, this place is abundant with beautiful scenic views. There are snow-clad mountains with streams of crystal water flowing through them. The scenic valleys and green meadows along with beautiful apple orchards add to the beauty of Kashmir. Friendly and beautiful locals who are always eager to be a good host to the guest and the overall charm of Kashmir makes it one of the most visited places in India. Every summer, people are flying off to this haven of beauty to cool their hearts and acquire tranquillity of mind.

What are some important things to know before heading off to a vacation?

However, whenever one plans to go to any destination what so ever several important questionsis sure to pop up in their minds. Questions like how much money would it require for the full tour, the travel packages and how to choose the best and most reliable from them, the best time to visit the desired destination, the number of days it will be best to stay there, what places to add to the sightseeing list, are some among those innumerable questions.

What are the different tour packages for Kashmir?

While the dates and duration can be easily decided by one, finalizing on a tour package becomes a hectic task. Kashmir tour packages especially need to be assorted carefully, because it being one of the most visited places has a large number of tour packages. This is the reason that a lot of research needs to go into choosing a reliable package with a reliable agent. Kashmir tour packages are available from just Rs 5000 till upto Rs 25,000 depending upon one’s budget, preference, dates, and duration. Some of the best packages offered by reliable agents and online sites are,

  • Kashmir Tour Package For 2 Nights 3 Days

This package offers a two night three day stay in Kashmir for Rs 8,099 per person. The sightseeing will include places like Shalimar Bagh, Dal Lake, and Pari Mahal. Stay will be at a 3-star hotel in Srinagar. Flights, sightseeing, meals are included.

  • Kashmir Tour Package From Ahmedabad

Even this package is for three days two nights and would cost Rs 9,7000 per person. Activities include sightseeing, adventure, Gulmarg, Mughal Garden, among others. Stay at a 3-star hotel, meals, flights; sightseeing is included in the price.

  • Kashmir Family Tour Package

This family package comes for Rs 10,000 per person and would include a four day, threenights trip. Shikara Ride, visit Martand Temple, Amusement Park, Gondola ride are some of the activities offered. 2,3,4, as well as 5-star hotels,  are present, one can opt for any.

  • Heavenly Kashmir Honeymoon From Mumbai

This package would be for four days and three nights costing, Rs.11,299 per person. City visits would include cities like Gulmarg, Srinagar, and Pahalgam.

Select from among these amazing Kashmir Tour Packages becauseKashmir’’s beauty is unparalleled and a visit to this heaven on Earth is a must.

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