Latest Features in oracle Developer Cloud with Oracle Service Bus

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Last Week, oracle gave an update to oracle Developers, that the cloud added a bunch of latest features. For Improving CI/CD in oracle cloud. We added Developer Example in Seoul, Tokyo, and other Information Centers for APAC users.

For Sequence of new features, you can check out, what is a new doc section was. In addition, what are some of the well-known highlights?

Best Reasons for Security Vulnerabilities

In the old release, of Developer Cloud, oracle started functionality that can scan you complete Java Script. Here Java learn online Standard Security Vulnerabilities, will definitely guide you for processing and fixing the vulnerabilities. That includes designing request with certain fixed versions.

We added many enhancements for Devsecops, that contain the ability to shut down certain specific Alerts. In this type of version, we add functionality that guides you with the process of permitting certain vulnerabilities.

What’s New Doc Section

As soon as a new feature becomes available, google cloud tools utilize for handling oracle developer cloud Service Examples.  They were Instantly upgrading in Information Centres, that is cloud Services used for hosting.

July 2019 Features

Build Job Guidance and Protection

You can utilize Build Job protection for securing, who have access to viewing and running Jobs. This type of capability is very essential for protecting technical and sensitive pipelines.

Authorized Users can protect Jobs and they can run in pipelines. However, unauthorized users initiated a protected type of Jobs.

Updated Setting in Pipelines

You should know option, for promoting and passing in the parameter. When a Pipeline starts. With default set of parameters and they terminate prompted type of set for anything.

Improved and Updated Project List

Company administrators can filter, list of projects on company page one by one. Once if they are members of, their favorite type, for checking all projects.

Improved Gradle Wrapper Support

In the Cradle design Step, that you can Gradle Wrapper for specifying different versions in Gradle Design.

If you utilize a parameter in Designing application. For Gradle version. Now you can modify it and point another version that is whenever design Runs.

Improved Security Managing in Maven Projects

Many Enhancements improve security vulnerability managing in Maven Projects.

Now you can click a Button that guides you by process of designing and merging Request. This will update Dependency to a Non-volatile Version.

In the Design Configuration, we can ignore some issues that have lower CPE type of method.

They can automatically resolve reported vulnerabilities with Direct Dependencies and silent alerts.

Sofware Bundle offer

Select GraalIVM in place of JDK for running applications, that written in JavaScript, or python, or ruby on Rails.

Many JVM depended on Languages, Graal VM has executed notice code on JVM with LLVM front end Application.

Updated Software in Software Catalog

Updated terraform (0.11.1.), OClcli (2.5.6), and Packer ( 1.3.5), software Bundles, that available in software catalog for designing VM templates.

April 2019 Updates

YAML Pipeline and Job Configuration

Now you can utilize YAML mark-up language for configuring Job or Pipeline. They memorize configuration in certain project Git Repository like YAML file. It makes mistakes to pipeline or Job configuration. This can be tracked by pipeline or deleted one. It was regenerated by using this type of configuration.

Moving Build Step

You can utilize a single step for designing to move an Artifact produced by the designing system to oracle Java Cloud Service.

The Design step for moving an application can add to design Job, that produces an artifact. That it can be the single step in design Job. By that, you can add to its own set of the pipeline.

Capacity to Scan for Security Vulnerabilities in Maven Projects

Now you can configure certain Jobs for analyzing POM file of Maven Application for Publicly known vulnerabilities. They can produce Dependency vulnerability like analysis report.

When a build Runs on certain Jobs, the POM Document is Scanned and transitive Dependencies were checked against some of the national vulnerability databases. Now you can configure Job for marking build that is like a failed type.

Alternatively, it is like a File problem, if they found any vulnerabilities.

After, that if you set up, required connections, you can securely export your projects information for an Object Storage Bucket.

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