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Whenever it comes to ladies bag the day can fall short but women won’t ever get enough of them. Ladies bag was initially introduced as a thing to hold important items like book, money, card etc. but with the fusion of the normal bags and fashion the ‘n’ number of styles and types of bags have been introduced in the market.

Earlier the bags were initially introduced in the European part for the purpose of keeping coins without any haphazard, so you must have noticed that the ladies-bags in the earlier times that is during the 1900s were bigger in size with multiple pockets in them but soon the women realised that the big bags which are now a days known as tote bags used to look unnecessarily big and untidy but then with the introduction of haute-couture in the fashion industry the ladies bag got modified to an extent that till date there is an array of types of ladies bag.

The best part!! All of these bags are made organically for you and the intricate hand-work will make you awestruck.

The types of Ladies-Bag that you’ll find with us-

  • Sling Bag: – This type was inspired by the Europeans initially as they would carry small bags around their shoulder to carry their stuff like coins. These type of bags give the person carrying it a very chic look plus it can be styled along with your day to day contemporary as well as ethnic wear.
  • Laptop Bag: – Laptop bags have proved to a saviour for all of those working women as they can always be seen making a statement with the ethnic all hand crafted laptop bag which not only reduces your burden but also compliments your formal look.
  • Tote Bag: – Tote bag was the origin of bags back then in the 1600s but with modernisation there look also became modified and classier. The best relief with them is that they are the life saviours for a female as one can pack almost an entire world inside them because of their huge size.
  • Satchel Bag:- Sophisticated and always up on top , this type will always be go to lucky look for me as this type can be worn with formals as well as traditionals and ethnics.
  • Clutch: – Well clutch bag is a small type of lady’s bag which gives a very bold statement and the best part about it is that it never goes out of style. You can sport it with your traditional outfits or ethnics or even the contemprory ones.

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