test tube baby cost and treatment procedure

Test Tube Baby Cost and Treatment Procedure

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The test tube baby treatment is a long process of treatment which is a complex serious of treatment and involves many health-related factors in this treatment. Test tube baby is also known as IVF, In vitro fertilization. Nowadays many people choose test tube baby treatment because it is one of the most successful treatments when it comes to achieving pregnancy that’s why it is a very well known treatment. Test tube baby treatment procedure involves many treatment steps like Ovulation, Follicular aspiration, fertilization, Embryo transfer are the main major process of treatment. As test tube baby procedure is never some of one couple to another the procedure changes all the time as per couples medical condition sometimes doctor need to add some extra procedure in order to achieve pregnancy but these above-mentioned steps are the most common and important step that IVF doctor will take in order to achieve high success rate in pregnancy.


Test Tube Baby Procedure


  1. Ovulation


In this process doctor closely checks if a woman is ovulating or not and if a woman is not ovulating then the doctor will suggest couples use donor service. Also, the doctor can give a woman a medication if she has hormonal imbalances.


  1. Follicular aspiration


This is the process where a women egg extraction process will happen either with laparoscopy or ultrasonography. And in the case laparoscopy process is used then the IVF doctor will do a small cut in the woman’s body and then the laparoscope is inserted and with help of these ovaries are located and once the ovaries are located then the doctor will suck out with help of a syringe. This process is a bit long process so the doctor will give women general anesthesia.


  1. Fertilization


This is the process where egg and semen are fertilized together to create embryos. The semen sample a male couple’s partner has to provide but in any medical condition if he is not able to provide semen then a doctor may need to take donor help to fertilize an egg. And after the embryos are created if your IVF doctor sees that embryos can develop more than the doctor will give the embryos more time to fertilize into a blastocyst. The blastocyst has a higher chance of successful pregnancy then embryos.


  1. Embryo transfer


This is the last part of the process where the doctor needs to put embryos into a woman’s uterus. And in order to achieve success in this process doctor need to confirm the uterus condition as if a doctor can put embryos through the vagina route or doctor needs to cut the wall of the uterus to insert embryos.

After implantation, an embryos doctor will monitor the pregnancy to confirm the positive pregnancy and progress of pregnancy is regularly checked until the healthy baby is born.


Test Tube Baby Cost


The test tube baby cost ranges up to Rs.90,000 to Rs.2,50,000 but this cost is not fixed as it changes all the time person to parson health condition and clinic to clinic. But still, this cost will give you a basic idea of cost procedure. And if you add surrogate and donor in your process then there are chances that cost can go higher then this and as per cycles of treatment. That’s why it is important to choose the best IVF clinic in India.



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