Latest Trends in Interior Lighting

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Lighting is an integral part of interior designing. You can change the aesthetic look of a house, just changing the positioning of the lights or the choice of lighting fixtures. As the lighting requirements change from room to room, so does the lighting design. A lighting design that works well for a living room may not be suitable for a bedroom or library. The lighting design must reflect the function and theme of each room. 

As all the other aspects of interior designing, lighting trends also keep changing from time-to-time. What is in trend now may be obsolete a year later. It is essential to choose themes like Moroccon style lighting or art deco lighting that remain evergreen for a long duration. 

As technology evolves and manufacturers introduce new fixtures and products, homeowners and interior designers incorporate them into their designs. Here are the latest trends in home lighting design that you should take note of if you are planning to redecorate your old home or design a new home. 

Latest Trends in Lighting Design for Homes

Fixtures in Soft Gold Are Hot Favourites

Designers are opting for soft colors in interior and lighting design. As more and more homeowners are falling for colors such as beige and grey, the demand for the soft gold finish in lighting fixtures is increasing. Moreover, the color goes well with the contemporary theme, which is the most preferred theme for modern homeowners. The matte finish and the soft yellow glow of soft gold make it easy to gel with any type of interior theme. Popular designers opine that the demand for soft gold is going to stay for a while. 

Refined Retro and Industrial Styles 

If you are a retro fan, do not fret. Modern or refined retro and industrial style lighting are making a big comeback this season. Industrial lighting with finer details, sleeker metals and varied tones is in demand. This style of lighting is suitable for the kitchen, dining area, or lighting for accent walls.

Vintage Bulbs

Vintage Edison bulbs in LED versions are a rage with homeowners, who prefer warm retro and industrial lighting. These bulbs are a perfect choice for kitchens and living rooms. They add warmth and beauty to spaces. To get the maximum effect, choose a chandelier made from Edison bulbs or install a series of Edison bulbs over your kitchen work counter. 

Art Deco Style Is Coming Back

As homeowners prefer mid-century modern and Art Deco themes in interior design, lighting fixtures in these themes are set to make a comeback. Art Deco emphasizes clean lines, unique geometric designs and natural shapes. Moroccan style lighting is an example of Art Deco style lighting. These lights help to add an artful feel to space. 

Geometric Chandeliers

Chandeliers in geometric shapes make a space look trendy and casual. They can be used anywhere in the house and are the best bet for the kitchen and dining rooms. Geometric chandeliers are available in a range of shapes such as hexagon, pentagon, oval, diamond, and round. Choose a shape that appeals to you and make it the centerpiece in your dining room. 

Accidentally-on-purpose Look

A few years ago, designers preferred using pendant lamps in odd number sets such as 3 or 5. Now the trend has shifted to accidentally on purpose style. Designers and homeowners feel that less is more and prefer to use light fixtures as per the character of the space. 

Moroccan Lighting

The intricate patterns and geometric designs of Moroccon style lighting add style and warmth to your home. Invest in a beautiful chandelier or a stunning ceiling lamp or pendant light. They are sure to make heads turn with their sophisticated design and aesthetic brilliance. These light fixtures can be used as conversation pieces in your lighting design. Moroccan lighting fixtures are timeless pieces of beauty that can liven up any space in your home.

Each home has a character that has its own. Choose lighting that suits the overall interior theme of the house. Trends keep changing, but investing in evergreen pieces helps you to maintain the aesthetic appeal and curb value of your home.

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