How to find the right industrial food grinder?

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Importance of industrial food grinders

Cooking is interesting for some, but the added work could often be very demanding. While cooking can be a hobby for some, preparing for it is definitely a lengthy process. To everybody’s rescue, there are a number of machines available that help us through the process, acting like our assistants. Kneading machines, chopping machines, roti makers are the new inventions that help us in the daily cooking chores.

But what would fast-food chains like Mc Donald’s do? Large fast-food chains and restaurants serve millions of people. To cater to the needs of everyone, manual work will only lag the process. For instance, chopping vegetables for these millions of customers is a massive task. Besides chopping, mixing and grinding is the next step. In such a setup, manual labor is not just a laborious process but also time-consuming; therefore, to depend on it is impractical. These kitchens use machines like food grinding machines to carry out the process. Food grinding machines are a savior for any such big establishment. Therefore a lot of scrutinies should be done before installing one.

Factors to be considered before buying the machine

A good food grinding machine should not just effectively cater to the needs but in fact, other factors too come into play when picking the right machine. The efficiency of the machine, too, is governed by other factors that should be deliberated.

  1. The machine should be cost-effective and not too heavy on the pockets. Buying food grinder without proper research is not advisable. The buyer can end up paying too much for something that may not be very efficient. If a cheaper alternative is bought, they run the risk of cheap quality that will hinder its working as it will cause frequent breakdowns.
  2. The machine should also be powerful. The more powerful, the more efficient it is. A powerful motor will ensure the longevity of the machine. It would also help the machine handle more load and maintain its life.
  3. The longevity of the machine is also determined by how durable it is. The buyer should check the durability of the food grinder by checking the material it is made of and the product’s warranty period. Metal ensures the durability of the grinder. Thus, it is advised that you go for it.
  4. The machine should also be easily operable. Since these are used in big companies, where people are employed to operate it, it must be easy to operate for anybody who uses it. A complex working machine will make it exclusive and, therefore, will not be preferred by many. Also, if it takes time to learn to operate, it will also consume time which will delay the larger process, which is not preferred by anybody, especially the paying customers.

Considering that these machines serve their purpose in big establishments that serve more than a million people every day, hygiene becomes an important aspect. Therefore these machines must be maintained effectively. It should be easy to clean. If the machines are detachable, it is easier to reach the corners to clean, especially because they are huge in size. Besides, if they are dishwasher safe a lot of manual energy is saved.

Some of the leaders in food grinding machines:

While there are plenty of options available, some of them are obviously better than the others, offering quality products and great service.

Kitchener #8 is one of the best commercial mixer grinders. Its stainless steel body is not just durable, but it also protects the machine against rust. The body is augmented with a waterproof switch that adds to the safety of the product and saves it from any mishaps. It has a powerful motor of 370 watts that adds to its efficiency. It can take up to 1000 pounds per hour. It makes no noise that adds up to the ease of usage and also has easy maintaining procedures.

Another food grinder that is considered among the best is the Weston 10-2001-W Pro Series #22. It is a robust machine that has a power of 1125 watts. It is also made of stainless steel and also supports reverse and off functions. It is light weighted and detachable that ensures its nifty maintenance.

Pro-Cut KG-22 is also claimed to be one amongst the best. It can grind up to 1700 pounds per hour. However, it comes with general shortcomings like its weight. It is heavy and cannot be easily moved and also consumes space. Nevertheless, it is known for its durability and the machine is also cost-effective for the features it offers.

To sum it up

Industrial food grinding machines can be tough to buy, especially with limited technical knowhow. However, the product itself has revolutionized cooking, and it deserves a tiny investment in terms of research. Whenever you buy one, keep these simple hacks in mind to ace your purchase.

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