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Mcleodganj to Triund Trek: Engulfed in Beauty Beyond Words

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I’ve never been an adventurer so to say, but I have always loved travelling to the mountains. The idea of trekking had been playing on my mind since quite some time but my fear of heights was somewhere preventing me from taking the first step.

A friend of mine who treks quite often suggested I start with a trek that isn’t very difficult and also one that is filled with beauty through and through, and that’s when, out of all the destinations, I zeroed down on Triund Trek, and that’s one trek I’m always gonna remember.


Day 1: Delhi to Mcleodganj

Picked up from Vidhan Sabha Metro Station from a private vehicle for an overnight journey to Mcleodganj.

Day 2: Mcleodganj & Bhagsu Sightseeing

Checked in at a hotel in Mcleodganj followed by breakfast and sightseeing. Before I go any further let me tell you that Mcleodganj has some magic to it. It is filled with tiny cafes at every corner that offer an enchanting view of the mountains. Sipping a simple tea overlooking this spectacular view is going to take all your tiredness away and that’s exactly what happened with me.

After a quick breakfast at the hotel, I picked up my backpack and headed off to explore.

Namgyal Monastery

Monasteries are one of my favourite places to visit and while planning a trip I make sure to visit any monastery that is nearby. On this trip, I just knew I can’t miss out on the Namgyal Monastery which is the largest Tibetan temple outside of Tibet.

The monastery is magnificent and the minute you enter it, it will transfer you to a state of calm and peace. This is the personal monastery of ‘14th Dalai Lama’ and it is also believed that the Tibetan Leader has his abode at Namgyal Monastery.

Bhagsu Waterfall / Bhagsu temple

Bhagsu is the upper part of Mcleodganj and is easily walkable. I walked from Mcleodganj to Bhagsu and witnessed some encapsulating views. The Bhagsu Temple is at 3 km from Mcleodganj and is famous for its pools that are believed to have healing properties.

From there on, starts the road to Bhagsu waterfall. Visiting here is free and even for someone scared of heights, this is a cakewalk. As I started the walk, I stopped at various spots to take pictures, trust me, that’s how beautiful the waterfall is. It’s nothing I have seen before.

As you go higher and higher, it might look a bit scary but the beauty of the waterfall will encourage you to go a little further every time. As I reached the waterfall I noticed people meditating. That’s how serene the sound of the waterfall and the view of this place are.

Day 3: Mcleodganj to Triund Trek begins

Began the trek after breakfast. Reached the summit and stayed in a tent overnight.


I started my trek from the Galu Devi Temple which is a 1.5-hour walk from Mcleodganj but the trail is so smooth that the walk didn’t seem tiring at all. From here on, the trek begins and believes me the trail is well defined and is one of the best treks for beginners like me. After another 2-3 hours of walking, I reached the next checkpoint which is Magic View Café. You will not want to move from this café that is the kind of view it offers, it is sheer bliss!

If you’re a solo traveller this is one of the safest treks you will find. From here on, it took me another 2 hours to reach the Triund top and it was worth the 6 hours of trekking. The Triund Top offers a spectacular view of the snow-clad Dhauladhar ranges. I was mesmerised by the view and couldn’t help but stare at it for a very long time.

I must say Triund is an experience that no one should miss. The nights on the top are a starry affair that one can only imagine. I couldn’t get myself to sleep as I knew this view is something I would not get to witness from anywhere in the world. I’m not a morning person but on the next morning, to descend back to Mcleadganj I had to wake up early. And when I did, I couldn’t decide what is more beautiful, the morning or the night. You get a clear view of the snow-clad mountains, the serene mountain ranges and towering pine trees.

Day 4: Back to Mcleodganj

Witnessed a blissful sunrise and descended back to Mcleodganj followed by shopping and exploring the market.

Day 5: Arrived in Delhi

Reached Delhi at 8 am.

I’ve explored many parts of our country out of which few are very close to my heart, places where I could like to visit over and over again and Mcleodganj and Triund are one of them

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