The Incredible and Adventures Dudhsagar Trek

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A trek to Dudhsagar Waterfall had been on my list for quite some time. When I checked the pictures posted by many of my trekker friends I just knew I had to visit this place. So after doing some research, I was all set to strike this off my ‘Places-to-visit-in-India’ list.

The best part about this trek was that is wasn’t time-consuming. 2 days were enough to take a whiff of fresh air, witness this gigantic waterfall and bask in the glory of nature. I do this quite often actually, as staying in the city and working 5 days a week I think one kinda disconnects with nature and there is no natural rejuvenator than being around nature. This trek seemed rather easier and relaxing than many that I’ve done before.


Mumbai to Pune

I boarded the Karaikal Express that departs from LTT at 12:05 hrs to reach Pune Railways station by 15:30 hrs.

Pune to Dudhsagar

I met my fellow trekkers and the trek leader at 16:10 hrs. From there, all of us boarded the Goa Express that departed from Pune at 16:35 hrs. It was an overnight train journey as we reached Dudhsagar at the crack of dawn.

Reached Dudhsagar. The Trek begins

We reached Dudhsagar at 04:00 hrs in the morning. After a quick briefing session over breakfast, we started for my most awaited trek. Before I go any further let me tell you, this trek is quite different from the treks that I have done before. It is relatively easy as it begins with trekking along the railway tracks, streams, dark tunnels, the chirping of bird and the sight of monkeys, which I’d never done before. We explored the dense forests of the Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary which is spectacular. The journey is filled with the magnificence of nature and you will enjoy every bit of it.

As we neared the Dudhsagar waterfall it looked break taking. That sight is simply amazing and then I knew why it is called Dudhsagar, it simply looks like a ‘sea of milk’.  The waterfall cascades from a height of 1000 feet with an average width of about 100 feet making it India’s fifth largest waterfall. Just make sure you have got enough memory on your phone as you won’t stop clicking pictures of this beauty. After spending a few hours admiring it was time for our return trek. Let me tell you if you are a beginner and want to try something that is easy then the Dudhsagar trek is a good start.

Dudhsagar to Kulem

We began our return trek and reached Kulem at 14:00 hrs. After lunch I the local train to Madgaon and from there I took the Mangalore Express to travel back to Mumbai.

India has a host of hidden gems that we sometimes miss out on and Dudhsagar is one of them. If you’re the kind who loves waterfalls and needs a quick break then do consider Dudhsagar for your next trek. She was inspired by the fabulous rainy weather and decided to try a monsoon trek. But it wasn’t just any trek – she decided to try the Dudhsagar trek, to combine a fun overnight train journey and a visit to one of the biggest waterfalls in India

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