Medical School Interview Dress Code For Men

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Your medical school interview is your time to leave a great impression. You are invited for a medical school interview as your medical school application has already impressed the medical school committee. This also shows that medical school admissions consulting has worked for you. If you have tried some medical school mock interviews, you already know what you should expect in a medical school interview and how to structure an answer. The interview day can be stressful. You should not only be well-prepared but well-dressed as well.

Before you leave your house for the campus, stand in front of the mirror to ensure that you look clean and professional. In this guide, you will learn how to dress for a medical school interview. First of all, choose a dark-colored suit such as a black one.

You will be interviewed by older professionals. They are likely to be more conservative. Therefore, you should be in a conservative outfit. You don’t need a brand new, tailored, custom-fitting suit specially for a medical school interview. Wear a suit that fits well. Make sure that the suit’s shoulders end at your shoulders. If it is a two-button suit, the top button should be higher than your belly-button. The sleeves of the suit should end near your thumb’s base. Your suit’s body should end around your palms or knuckles. You can prevent sagging by leaving the pockets stitched closed. You can wear slacks that are hemmed.   

The pant’s back should reach your shoe’s heel. When it comes to the pant length, the top of the shoes should not be exposed. Pants should not drag the ground. The suit doesn’t have to be super stylish. Try to save some money. Check a local consignment shop. Your outfit should be clean, lint-free and pressed. Find a professional to press the suit. Your suit will look sharp. Iron out the folds if you choose a brand new shirt. Remove all the stickers and pins.

When it comes to choosing a tie and shirt, make sure that everything is well-balanced. While you should stand out, make sure that your appearance is not deprived of professionalism, confidence and comfort. Avoid flashy shirts. Your tie, shirt and suit must match. Consider the pattern and color of the suit when choosing a shirt and tie. Go for traditional patterns. Avoid Eldredge or Ellie knot. Your tie knot should be professional. Focus on reflecting your professionalism. If you want to express your personality, go for fun socks.     

Wear a matching belt and well-polished shoes. Don’t wear anything inappropriate such as boat shoes or casual loafers. Don’t wear a brown suit with black shoes. Similarly, don’t pair a black suit and brown shoes. Refine your look with a lapel pin or a pair of cuff links. Wear a simple watch. Avoid anything large or gaudy. Schedule a haircut. Your nails should be well-trimmed. 

It is advised to work with a medical school admission consulting professional to prepare your medical school application. The professional will also suggest the right outfit.

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