Natural Treatment Of Pleurisy

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Pleurisy may be defined as the inflammation associated with pleura. Known by the other name, i.e. pleuritis; it is   the moist and double layered membrane surrounding the lungs and lining the rib cage. This ailment leads to excessive fluid that fills the area between the membrane’s layers cause great problems. Pleura membrane of the lungs cavity and chest get affected with inflammation as regards pleurisy. Those suffering from this ailment complain of severe pain. The disease is associated with pleural lungs’ layers that rub against each other when the patients hold breath. Many patients take over the counter or traditional remedies few of which often cause complications. That’s where the herbal remedies help them the most. Ramdev medicine for Pleurisy is one of such advantageous medicines that work wonders.

Treating Pleurisy at home – Persons affected with this disease must try the following at their homes itself:

They should include fiber in their daily foods and avoid taking oily or junk foods. Ginger is another great herb that must be added to our daily diets. You can take it raw or add to salads or the vegetables. Ginger helps in burning the mucus. Problems related with inhalation and exhalation are got rid of with ginger that works wonders and gives excellent results. Amla is one of the most effective remedies to kill the symptoms of pleurisy. Inflammation and infections can be got rid of by using Amla in regular manners. Enriched with vitamin C, Amla is a great remedy.

Flax seeds are the most effective treatments for getting rid of pleurisy symptoms. You can take these seeds along with the sesame seeds. Home honey may be added to these seeds by grinding them well. Pineapple juice is one of the most effective home remedies that work wonders. Ill effects of inflammations can be got rid of with daily intake of this juice. Taking dates on regular basis works wonders. Contents of iron, phosphorus, zinc, potassium and magnesium etc in the dates help in killing the symptoms of pleurisy.

Those affected with pleurisy symptoms should take milk in regular manners. Enriched with minerals and vitamins, milk is the most effective remedy. Add some onions and carrots to your daily salads and enjoy them apart from killing the pleurisy symptoms. Cinnamon and cloves when taken in combination work wonders. Dried figs are also quite effective and act as strong medicines.

Fenugreek leaves also give good relief. Enriched with the healing properties, these leaves are most effective. You can take them raw or by boiling in hot water and take the remains of the mixture by removing the leaves. Turmeric is a great remedy to get rid of pleurisy. Use of black seed oil and celery also gives excellent results. Celery is one of the most effective remedies. Hibiscus flower and olive leaf extract are also quite good for the patients that suffer from pleurisy.  Heat application is a great treatment.

Patients suffering from pleurisy should stop continuing the allopathic or traditional remedies. They must try the above home remedies that work wonders in giving instant relief from this dreadful disease.

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