New Generation Insulated Cooler Bags

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In the olden days, the ice boxes were usually made up of galvanized metal doubled with the layer of hard plastic and styrofoam which helped to keep the content of the box cool which made those cooler bags rigid but heavy.

In contrast, the new generation insulated cooler bags have their outer shield made from flexible fabrics like polyester and the inside is made up of heavy duty foil. A tensile layer of thin but dense foam is filled between the inner and the outer layers. The use of these fabrics helps to maintain the inner temperature of the bag for several hours.

The latest insulated cooler bags are easy to carry, light weight and are produced in a variety of shapes and sizes.

The ideal insulated cooler lunch bags of different sizes are designed to carry to your schools and workplaces. 

Let us quickly go through the ey features of the insulated cooler bags: 

  1. Radiant heat bearing capacity
  2. Deep-freeze high-discharge insulation
  3. Flip-open with zipper top closure
  4. They are made up of reusable material hence eco-friendly
  5. Lined with high density foam insulation
  6. They are waterproof keeping the food fresh
  7. They prove to be a trendy lunch bags
  8. Have an attached shoulder strap which makes it easy to carry
  9. Prevents spilling, leakage and fungus
  10. Cost effective
  11. Spacious
  12. Durable 

Foodborne illness can spread rapidly at high temperatures. Therefore if you are leaving your home for work, you need to plan to keep your food at optimal temperature. With an insulated cooler bag, putrescible food can stay safe for a longer period of time.

 Testing of insulated cooler bags 

  1. Checking the capacity

The capacity of the bags is assessed by filling rigid boxes with water inside the bag. The weight of the water used to fill the container is measured and used to calculate the internal volume of containers in litres. Although the level of accuracy for measurement of flexible insulated bags is lesser than rigid boxes due to the compressible nature of polystyrene spheres. 

  1. Strength testing

The container is loaded with half kg of sand per litre of capacity and hanged to a fixed support. The container full of sand inside the bag is then dropped from a height and the fall is arrested by an inelastic support. The same procedure is then repeated for ten falls per handle and the damages per fall is assessed. The insulated cooler bag proves itself effective if the handles remain unaffected after the testing. 

  1. Water Leakage Testing

For water seepage testing, a container full of 25 per cent water containing water soluble dye is placed inside the bag. After zipping up, the insulated cooler bag is shaked for 25 times to trigger the dyed water inside. The cooler bag is then testing for 2 aspects:

l Firstly, if the dye comes out and spills to the outer walls of the cooler bag, then it is assessed not to be spillage proof.

l Secondly, the insulated cooler bag is emptied with a container and sent for a thorough wash with detergents. After a single wash, the cooler bag is kept for air drying for 24 hours. The specifications then require no traces of water soluble dye through the seams.

 Insulated cooler bags have become a necessity for people who have to indulge in outdoor activities and want to keep their food fresh. These bags help to prevent the heat from entering inside. You can easily carry food and beverages around without the fear of leakage. The bags are equipped with handles that can handle an average wear and tear. You do not have to worry.

Since cooler bags are reusable, therefore you can use them repeatedly for various purposes. We possess a wide variety, colors and sizes of insulated cooler lunch bags to choose from. These cooler bags are coupled with antimicrobial properties that resist mildew is the best thing to take away for picnics or outings.

 The insulated cooler bags are popular functional products used to transport stuff for temporary storage. When packing your food in an insulated lunch box, do not forget to add some tissues or hand wipes to clean your hands before eating if you do not have the availability of sanitization.

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