Outlining the type of hair you possess

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Like many fellows you might fall into trouble as far as use of the right type of hair products is concerned. Are you of the opinion that you lack somewhere? Before you go on to hold on to a specific hair product you need to have an idea about the hair type you possess. What is the best dandruff shampoo for colour treated hair as you need to be aware of your hair type.

The time is right that you figure out the hair type. Once you are aware of the hair locks you possess an optimum solution can be derived. The trouble is going to be less once you having gone on to identify the right use of hair care products based on your hair type. There are endless number of options and even mermaid hair types. Based on the type of your hair solutions can be derived.

A host of equations come into play as far as your hair type is concerned. The diameter, hair density are some of the important factors into consideration. Before you are anxious about the hair type you possess there are certain methods you can adopt to figure out more about your hair type. No point in wasting your time and dive into the world of knowledge straight away.

Hair density

Have you ever thought on the lines about the hair density you possess? The density relates to the degree of hair you have on your scalp. The thickness differs from the diameter of your hair. Being aware of the hair type would help you become aware of the right product to be used. An individual could have a thin diameter of hair, but the density can be higher. You can classify the density of your hair on the basis of 3 parameters

In order to outline the type of hair you possess a mirror test is suggested. Once you are aware of the hair type it does become easy to tackle the issues and you can opt the exact solutions. Just you have to pull a chunk of hair and put it aside. The extent to which you can see the scalp would enable you to arrive at the exact density of hair. 

Hair porosity

The dandruff seems to be the main reason for hair fall. In fact you can deal with this issue by the use of a colour safe dandruff shampoo. If the hair tends to float on the surface then you might be having low porosity of hair. This would also mean that the hair does take a lot of time to dry. An individual does have low pores in the cuticle of the hair and possess the capacity to absorb water.

Normal porosity is a scenario when the balance of your hair is restored. In this case the hair is going to rake in the right type of moisture. Once you wash the hair it becomes wet but not gluey. Such a hair type might force you to adopt any hairstyle

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