Getting outstanding results out of your vocal recording sessions

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You already have determined to have your next vocal session done with a condenser mic, but you probably do not know what a professional mic for vocals looks like, its features, and why it might be considered as the best for vocals. If this is your situation at the moment, please grab a seat and follow through.

Microphones are devices made to perform a singular function of converting acoustic waves into electrical signal that can be then amplified and modified by modern digital audio workstations. In the audio recording field exist an infinite choice of microphones, each one giving a unique character to the outcome of yout recording session. This leaves us no other choice than to carry out researches on what a professional mic for vocals has that differentiates it from an unprofessional one. Therefore, we will consider the most famous vocal condenser microphones and how they can aid vocal sessions. 

1. NOVE NV-01| This brand new company of large diaphragm condenser microphone is doing very well across the industry. They started just in 2018 but the high quality of their NV-01 condenser microphone is receiving the approval by the most experienced sound engineers worldwide. The NV-01 comprise a 34mm gold sputtered capsule and a circuit that optimizes the signal to noise ratio, the structure and the quality of the components used to amplify the signal captured by the capsule are rock-solid. This mic is available at the price of 699 EUR but some experts said that it can stand up against microphones that cost 3 or 4 times more.

NOVE NV-012. Neumann U87 | This is one of the most famous vocal condenser microphones in the class of the large-diaphragm condensers which are known to be the benchmark for vocals. It is known to be one of the most used vocal microphones around and has a reputation for the production of high-quality vocal sounds. Neumann is an historical company that started to manufacture microphones in 1928 and has always been at the top notch of the companies that manufacture microphones. The price of the U87 is 2450 EUR, not that cheap if you are just starting recording in your home studio. 

Neumann U873. Warm Audio WA-47| The Warm Audio WA-47 is a vocal recording microphone that comes with nine polar patterns that can handle as much as 140dB of SPL (Sound Pressure Level). It works perfectly while recording sounds of instruments like drums, guitar, and piano. The flagship of this gadget that makes it recommended for vocals is its unique sound production style that makes vocal recording easy and clear. The body and the circuit are an exact replica of the famous Neumann U47, while its price is lower compared to its original counterpart, 899 EUR.

Warm Audio WA-474. Shure SM7B| This in not a condenser microphone, it’s a dynamic one, but the way its built and the sound it release makes it special. It is particularly adopted in the broadcast industry for its smooth frequency response to vocals but it can also be used for general vocal recording sessions in studio. Being a dynamic mic the price is a little expansive, but for sure it worth the money. 

Shure SM7B5. Rode NTK| A Tube microphone designed to release a warm and delicate sound in studio vocal recording session. It’s a great vocal recording microphone due to its high dynamic range and detailed response to the sound captured by the gold sputtered capsule it hides behind the grill. A rich response emphasized by the presence of a double triode valve 6922 and audiophile components. The NTK is entirely manufactured in Australia and covered by a 10 year warranty. Price: 499 EUR. 

Rode NTK

In conclusion, these and many other unmentioned microphones should be tested out when carrying out your next vocal session. Remember that when you record a song your are creating something that will last in time and that will be heard by many people, that’s why you need the best condenser mic for vocals. Enjoy!

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