Which Operation Automations Are Achieved with Call Center CRM Integration?

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CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It allows its users to store information about the customer as well as the complete customer journey can be stored within this system. The CRM system can also be used to send emails on predefined schedules; send invoicing; send reminders and map the complete interaction done with the customer.

The call center dialer solution is an automated dialer tool that companies and departments use to call multiple numbers; let executives or agents talk in parallel with multiple clients and attend multiple calls at the same time. The call center software also keeps reports to provide useful metrics and provide a wide range of features. It is used for lead generation and to delight customers.

Collectively, we can say, both, CRM system and call center solution are used to take care of customer relationship management. An added power can be poured into these two tools with call center CRM integration. This integration is a process in which the VoIP experts do some provisioning in a way that both systems work in harmony. There are many things that can be achieved with call center CRM integration and we will understand one of the features achieved with this integration, namely, automation.

Once the call center solution is integrated with the CRM system, there are many operations that get automated.

One of the operations that get automated is calling. The calls can be generated automatically with the call center dialer. It can also be generated with a single click in the CRM solution. This automation saves a lot of time of the agents and executives as they don’t need to dial a number manually and wait till it gets connected.

The next automation it provides is streamlining data. It means if you make any changes in the customer record in the call center solution during or after a live call, those changes will be applied to the record in the CRM solution as well. The data can also be pushed from one system to another with a single click. It means if you import a customer list, you can push those leads to the call center dialer software so those leads can be dialed and connected. The real time data updates are done automatically.

These are the top two types of automation achieved with the call center CRM integration services. The VoIP experts can also achieve other types of automation with development and customization to meet the specific needs of their customers.

The call center CRM integration is a straight win for the call centers that deal with hundreds of customers on a day to day basis and find it difficult to manage their records in the CRM system and the call center software. This integration saves time and a lot of resources which then can be used for more productive operations that need their skills such as calling, persuading customers, etc.

The call center CRM integration can be performed for all different types of call center software and CRM solution. Thus, focus on using it in favor of your business.

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