Paneer Butter Masala: Everything You Must Know About the Delicious Dish

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Whenever we think about eating healthy and delicious simultaneously, Paneer always steals the show. It is something that non-veg and veg lovers all bend their knees down in front of the filled bowl of Paneer makhani. Whether there is a wedding season, romantic night, and the most awaited event, paneer butter masala always catches the attention of food lovers instantly. It gets the same enthusiasm and love as we show for the first time.

Paneer Butter Masala

It’s always a great idea to break the pin-drop silence while starting the topic related to the food. Undoubtedly all the foodie people will naturally find it engaging by delivering their side of the story and experiences they hold with the paneer butter masala. Likewise, you might never know if, surprisingly, they might share their best recipe with you by allowing you to have the same delectable adventure they had while trying new ways to cook the paneer butter makhani recipe.

What Exactly Is Paneer Butter Masala?

Paneer butter masala has the heart of all North Indian dishes. It is spicy and creamy at the same hand and tastes like the heavenly-made dish on the earth. Many of you have tried this, maybe with different names and pronounced titles. However, it is very easy to find and widely available in the market with various cooking ways; you can opt for the style you like the best. 

Paneer makhani is the most popular dish for eating Paneer in different styles in India. Whenever the quantity of Paneer has increased over the paneer count, it is called Paneer do pyaza. And it is always in demand by the panner lover throughout the seasons. But paneer butter masala has no other alternative; it was the king of Indian dishes and would always be the same. 

If you want to cook paneer butter masala in your kitchen, then nothing is good by using olive oil. However, it is a healthier taste enhancer and allows you to feel like a big chief of your nation. 

You must have some dry ingredients in your kitchen if your goal is to cook the hotel, like paneer butter masala at your home. Cloves, cardamom, and bay leaves help you prepare the aromatic dish you have ever cooked in your kitchen.

Garlic and ginger are the ones that help you to get the most delectable taste by adding the most refreshing and lovable tint to your overall dish. You must have two good-sized tomatoes into pieces to add the savory taste to your paneer butter masala. Every north-Indian dish is incomplete if you miss adding the onions into that. Here paneer butter masala demands one good chopped opinion to enhance the tanginess of the dish. 

All in all,

Those who love the creamy Paneer should have half-bowl cashews to grind and make the paste to give your dish the creamy texture and the buttery-like taste. If you’re allergic to cashews, you can use the cream instead of cashews paste to add the paneer butter masala. 

Rest sprinkle the garam masala powder over the top of the serving ready bowl to attract the eater. 

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