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Pool Cleaning Tips And Tricks That You Must Try

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One of the best things in the world is to have a personal pool in your back or the front yard. People sometimes prefer an indoor pool. A poolside is a perfect location for parties and get together. You spend quality time with friends and family. Then you hold poolside parties in summer seasons. It is all more like a fantasy but there are needed some measures to maintain this fantasy. You have to clean your pool  pump repair services regularly. Moreover, the level of certain chemicals has to be maintained in your pool. No one would want a party at the poolside when the pool has a layer of slime and algae. Environmental pollution and salts secreted by your body dirty the pool water. Thereby, people look for pool cleaning services in Phoenix AZ. Here are shared some tips suggested by professionals for pool cleaning.

#1. Set The Routine For Skimming And Scrubbing

One of the most important things that you need to do in order to keep your pool clean is to skim leaves and debris from your pool. If you can afford then buy specially designed robots for deep pool cleaning. You must scrub the pool as well as the embankment around the pool. If spots on the pavement are stubborn then you can fill a sock with chlorine and place it over the spotty area. Scrub it after some time. It is hoped that the spot will be removed with this technique. Otherwise, there is just one option that is to use pressure washing. Professionals using pressure washing helps in making your poolside picture perfect.

#2. Maintaining The Chemicals

You need to check the pool water once a week for a certain level of chemicals in it. If chemicals are not kept in a certain amount your pool will be replete with bacteria and germs. It is advised by professional chemical cleaning services providers that for your pool you must keep an eye on the following four chemical levels:

  • Cyanuric Acid is a chemical that plays a role in protecting the chlorine from sunlight and determines the level of free chlorine.
  • Free chlorine is more like a germ killer that helps in keeping the pool water clean.
  • The PH level of the water must be kept between 7.5-7.8. A maintained alkaline and acidic nature of pool water will prevent pool equipment from eroding.
  • A specified level of calcium in pool water protects the plaster and prevents it from damaging.

#3. Take Care Of Your Pool Filter

Pool filters work just like a kidney. A kidney removes all the waste of your body likewise, the pool filter removes debris from your pool. You are advised to take out the leaf basket once in a week and clean it up. The pipes used by the filter have to be cleaned once in a month. If you keep your pool filter clean it will increase the life of filter. When you are done with pipe and filter cleaning you can turn on the filter and wait for ejection of the clean water.


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