Purchase and sale of property can be considered within the scope of business

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We know that making a property decision is an important decision. You will always make your life. And we care about that. Therefore, we consider providing you with a transparent mode of transaction and targeting both buyers and advertisers on a single accessible property that is why. City link real estate facilitates property deals between buyers and sellers for easy transfer of property and other legal matters. Purchase and sale of property can be considered within the scope of our business. Find a list of commonly searched services below. We facilitate the process of buying and selling property through all liabilities and legal obligations, and we strictly legalize your contract with all procedures after the book. , Houses, Apartments, Flats, Shops, Offices, Shopping Centers, Warehouses, Agricultural Land.


Flats, Shops, Offices, Shopping Centers, Warehouses, and Agricultural Land are considered to be one of the residential schemes around Islamabad New Islamabad International Airport. It is theoretically located exactly opposite the Victory War Interchange, which connects it directly to the motorway and the Kashmir highway that runs through Central Islamabad as well as New Islamabad Airport. Faisal Town Islamabad F-18 Unique Residential Plan. Located in the vicinity of Islamabad, it aims to offer its residents a calm, calm and luxurious environment. Faisal Town Islamabad F18 has a limited area of 2 blocks. All global standards for excellent and excellent project in Faisal Town Islamabad;Plots for sale in Faisal hills in Islamabad;.It aims to provide a comfortable and luxurious living experience.

Located on Fatah Jind Road, it is located in Islamabad but is under the jurisdiction of Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA). Above all, the international is developing this mega project. Faisal Margalla City and Faisal Residences are another outstanding project run by the same developers. At the foot of the Margalla Hills, Faisal Town Islamabad is surrounded by natural landscape. In addition, it is considered one of the best projects due to a variety of facts including art planning, modern architecture, luxurious amenities and amenities. ;; the location of Faisal Town Islamabad is another important aspect of Faisal Town. Most importantly, it is connected to 3 different routes including Kashmir Highway, Fatah Jung Road and Motorway M1. So far, it seems to be accelerating towards development work, Block a of Faisal Town has been completed.

Above all, it is believed that this is the most reliable investment option for local and foreign investors. In addition, it has the potential to double the return on investment in a short period of only 2 years. Not limited to warehouses, agricultural land and residential / commercial plots. Property dealers in Islamabad work together with all major and legitimate housing societies in Islamabad. We help you to build your dreams with the highest help. We keep you updated on current market prices, investment trends and upcoming plans. We analyze investment opportunities in the future and help you minimize the risk in your property investment portfolio. ; You have hundreds of options for every type and every major location all over Pakistan. In addition,

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