Reasons for using chapati making machines for bulk cooking

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When it comes to staple food items in India, there are very few that enjoys the esteem of that of the chapatti. Chapattis are rotis that are eaten with vegetables or pulses. They can also be consumed with non-vegetarian dishes as well. There was a time when chapattis were made by large numbers by the females of a household to feed large families. The women used to prepare them in large bulk numbers for weddings or other special occasions where food is required in large quantities. However, during modern times, such bulk production of chapattis through conventional means have been adversely affected as people do not have enough time today and there is a lack of proper manpower. For this reason, the food industry had to come up with new, alternative means to make chapattis in bulk quantities. Chapatti making machines for bulk cooking provides a solution to the need of producing chapattis in large numbers.

Chapatti making machines or automatic chapatti making machines is automatic machines that are run by electricity.

They are capable of producing large numbers of rotis or chapattis in a very short period of time. It is a stainless steel machine of huge size and unlike the production rate of yesteryears, it can provide with bulk quantities of chapattis in a short time. The machine is divided into two parts. The first part prepares dough balls from flour that are of equal sizes. The task of the other part is to press the balls into rotis or chapattis and bake them. The machine can produce about 1000 chapattis on a per hour basis.

There are different types of chapatti making machines available in the market. However, the ones that are most widely used include the semi-automatic and the fully automatic variants. Both of these machines follow a similar procedure to make the chapattis and the rate of production on a per hour basis is also more or less the same. While the semi-automatic chapatti making machine prepares the dough balls in a given section and then make the chapattis in another section, the fully automatic chapatti making machine carries out the whole process without any human assistance. Compared to the traditional methods of preparing chapattis, these machines offer people with a hygienic way to carry out the same task. Moreover, their faster production rate comes in handy in commercial eateries such as restaurants and canteens where food needs to be prepared for a large number of people.

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