Don’t Let Stress Overrun Your Wedding

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You’re engaged! Time to think about that wonderful wedding day! Will you be able to plan the dream day that you envision? Where should you start? Whom should you talk with? So many things to decide – so much fun in store for you. Now where to begin…

A wedding planner? Before you hire a wedding professional, do your homework so you have some facts on which to base your decisions. Where do you get the facts? Yes, you most certainly can begin on the internet, but the larger sites will only give you common sense tips and some general information. What you really need is more detail – the actual step-by-step information that will allow you and your groom to make informed – and cost-saving – decisions. What you want is make perfect wedding plans. And to avoid any stress that could mar your pre-wedding excitement.

Stress is a cloud that could hover over you as you plan.

With a list of over a hundred items that are required, time could run out to get every element in place for the perfect wedding. Will the wedding be less than you expected if plans fall short? Possibly. However, it doesn’t have to be that way when you acquire wedding planning how-to articles that will clue you in to every tiny detail – and offer checklists to ensure plans are well in hand.

Most brides and grooms enjoy making decisions about what they want at their wedding. Really, tasting that cake and choosing music and transportation are the fun parts. What they do not enjoy is paying hefty fees for the necessities. Amazingly, those fees can be greatly reduced if the couple is “in the know.” Face it: knowledge is power and power reduces stress. (Paying less is also a great stress-reducer.)

Perfect-Wedding Plans has every answer to every question for the perfect day. Articles are available on

  • Bridesmaids’ responsibilities
  • Groomsmen’ responsibilities
  • Special Moments in the ceremony and reception
  • Reception planning options
  • Checklists for the ceremony
  • Checklists for the reception
  • Choosing a florist
  • Saving money on flowers
  • Choosing music and musicians
  • Choosing a caterer
  • Choosing a menu
  • Organizing your tables at the reception
  • How to conduct a wedding ceremony rehearsal
  • Wedding day timing
  • Bridal traditions
  • Saving money
  • Reception agenda possibilities
  • Order of the wedding ceremony
  • Choosing a wedding and reception site

Really, with just a mouse click, wedding stress is gone. The bride and groom can sigh with relief and enjoy not only their perfect day, but the moments leading up to it.

PLANNED TO PERFECTION WEDDINGS Wedding Ceremony & Wedding Reception Ideas

Read about wedding ceremony and wedding reception ideas in the articles offered by PLANNED TO Perfection WEDDINGS of Winston-Salem, NC. We share more than 15 years of experience, revealing the secret techniques and hidden pitfalls that can make or break a wedding. Ideas are the first step, but you need to know how to make these ideas work for you. Using the detailed instructions, you can have your perfect day with minimal effort.

Articles about Ceremonies

Don’t go into your wedding planning blind. Our company offers articles that are useful for event organizers, wedding planners, church directors, and venue managers. These articles help you make perfect plans before you sign a contract. Know what to ask for every aspect of your celebration. Check our site frequently for articles about the following aspects of wedding ceremonies:

• Wedding Day Timing

• Ceremony Check List

• Bride’s Attendant Booklet

• Order of the Ceremony

• Special Ceremony Moments

• Ceremony Music

• Rehearsals

• Wedding Worksheet

• Groom’s Attentant Booklet

• Bridal Traditions

White Roses – Wedding Ceremony Ideas

Articles about Receptions

Make your wedding reception an unforgettable event and be savvy on how everytihng falls into place. Surprises are nice, but not because you did not have the right information to plan your event. Our information helps guarantee smooth flow, good timing, and memorability without bumping into any problems. We offer articles about the following aspects of wedding receptions:

• Wedding Reception Checklist

• Reception Agenda Possibilities

• Reception Options

• Wedding Reception Planning

• Naming Tables