Reasons That Your Vape Juices Are Giving You a Burnt Hit

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At times, it happens to many of us. We grab our vape to enjoy that refreshing e-liquid vapor juice, take a steady puff. But, unfortunately, instead of a pacifying taste, we get a nasty, stinging taste and a word throat hit. Smoking or vaping enthusiasts worldwide cannot always deny that burnt hits are one of the weirdest experiences they have discovered at a time. 

The reason behind that scorched taste is that it can happen with any of the vapes one is using, from disposable ones to sub-ohm pods. There are multiple reasons for a burnt hit; thankfully, there are ways to avoid that. 

Today, we are here with a quick rundown that showcases some of the common reasons behind experiencing a burnt hit of your e-liquid juices. 

  • Using High VG Vapor Liquids 

We all are pretty much familiar with the fact that not all vapes are made the same. Some of them require a minimum of 50% of VG juice. Others may require more to function perfectly. The thumb rule is to check the wick channel’s size. If you find the holes with a smaller diameter, chances are your vape pod or tank will not bode well with a high percentage of VG juice.

  • Increased Wattage Levels

Liquid vapor juices can exceed the coil limit when vaped at high wattage levels, dispersing it faster than average. Not only this, heated coils can burn the wick channels, even when little juice is left behind. Now, this is why instructions always state to use vapes inside the suggested wattage ranges.

  • When the Coils Are Not Primed 

Again, here we have one of the most common issues on the list. Priming your vape coil heads is technically the process of preparing them for the very first usage. It simply helps the wicks to get drenched enough with the vapor-liquid. If you want to avoid experiencing a burnt hit, make sure to prime your coils regularly.ṣ

  • Continuous Vaping 

Taking several puffs in a row, most likely, the wick will dry up in no time. However, in case you sense a burnt hit with a slightly roasted zest, let your vape device relax for a while. Doing this will allow the flawless e-liquids to saturate the dry spots of the wick channel.


Keep in mind that the more you use your vape device, the faster it dies. If you too wish that your vape coils last and bear soothing vape juice flavor with every puff, then certainly, avoid flavors with sweetener ingredients. Try to keep the wattage level on an average level for best results, as high-end wattage can strain the coils much before than you can expect. 

Say goodbye to that burnt hit! As of now, when you are pretty much aware of the various reasons behind those burnt hits and how to stop them for good, you are all set to enjoy your favorite e-liquid juices without any hassle. However, if it still gives a burnt hit, then the time has come to discard the old one, grab a new one, and prime it well before using it.

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