Why shouldn’t you think twice before buying your used John Deere golf mowers!

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More than 30000 Americans injure themselves while doing their Yard work. The injuries include amputations, broken bones, cuts or burns, while approximately 90 lose their lives from mishandling their John Deere Golf course equipment. The game partially depends on the field, making it a priority to have the equipment for mowing the field aligned. 

Being safe while using the golf course mower equipment, there is a series of instructions and common guidelines that must be religiously followed in any of your mowing seasons to prevent any injury. 


If there’s one piece of maintenance machinery that golf operators can’t do without, it’s mowers. With structured helical blades, mowers are integrated to trim grass across the course; you can easily mow and maintain the course in real-time. The blades of the John Deere golf course mowers move in a cylindrical motion giving your turf a perfect height. 

With a wide selection of machinery in the market, choosing the right mower can be challenging. Therefore, we suggest considering the landscape features, terrain type, and facility size before investing in a mower. 

Hydraulic Lifter 

A hydraulic lifter helps you move damaged mowers and other machines in real-time. How? Let’s understand with an example. Say your triplex mower ceases to function and doesn’t move altogether. In such a situation, a hydraulic lifter will help you remove the piece of heavy machinery from the course. 

Additionally, hydraulic lifters don’t just help you in the field, but off-field too. You can use it in the garage, backyard, or warehouses to raise and lower heavy equipment in no time.  

Backpack Blowers 

Leaves and debris, if not cleared, can cause considerable damage to visitors and the maintenance staff. Also known as leaf blowers, backpack blowers help you remove debris, grass cuttings, and leaves from the course. 

One of the most important pieces of equipment in the arsenal of golf course maintenance, blowers remove loose stuff into a pile in real-time. 

Portable Soil Moisture Meter 

Measuring moisture in the soil is an essential activity to avoid ruining grass texture by watering too much or too low. A portable soil moisture meter helps you gauge soil moisture up to certain depths. When used at appropriate intervals, you can save water without hurting the grass. Additionally, it also helps you improve the soil terrain and irrigation system’s efficiency. 

Why would people consider buying the second hand Mower for your lawn?

  • Multiple Mower stockers:

There are different types of mowers, including simple till advanced. Some of the most popular ones are:

  • Ride-on mowers
  • Zero turn mowers
  • Walk mowers
  • Rotary mowers
  • Push mowers
  • Golf green mowers
  • Lawn tractors
  • Triplex mowers

When you’ve a golf course, you may require many of these mowers. In this case, you should look for used golf course mowers.

  • Advanced Mower with super features and better control 

Fairway mowers and Triplex mowers are among the most advanced mowers that come with superior features and more control. John Deere golf mowers are among the mowers that help you achieve a precious cut quickly. 

However, these mowers come at a hefty price tag. You need a big budget when you require multiple mowers of these kinds. In this case, you should buy used golf course mowers. 

  • Low Budget and advanced equipment:

In case you’ve a low budget, it becomes difficult to buy a lot of golf course equipment. The buying process becomes more challenging when your requirements include advanced mowers. Low budgeted second hand mowers are the right solution for you.


Buying used golf course mowers can help you save a lot of money. However, to make it a beneficial deal ,ensure that you buy golf course mowers and equipment from a reputable dealer. Ensure the dealer has a team of professionals to inspect and refurbish golf course equipment. Buy the best machines and prepare your golf course for a good game of golf. 

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