Revelry Returns: 5 Tips to Consider When Your Hire an 80’s Cover Band

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Whether you’re planning a cocktail party, corporate event or wedding, the music you choose plays a significant role in a splendid guest experience. Music not only impacts our emotions but also uplifts spirits for a sublime ambience. 

However, choosing the ideal entertainment for an array of events is challenging, and the sticking point is often the choice between a live 80’s cover band or a DJ. So which is better for your affair? 

Here’s a quick rundown of practices for hiring your ultimate 80s tribute band

So sit back, relax and keep scrolling! 

For a seamless hiring process of 80s cover band orange county, prepare yourself with these essential items: 

A Hitlist 

We recommend you personalize selecting musicians or groups appropriate for your event before you hire 80’s band. There can be times when your favourite band is not available. Therefore, it’s better to have two or three musicians or live bands as backups. 


Know the exact dates or general timeline of the performance (late afternoon or early evening), as well as the length of the performance of your hired 80s party band. 

The Guest List 

Get a coherent understanding of the event audience, like the audience’s age, gender and understandings. We suggest you consider whether you need a “corporate clean” performance or risque hire 80s band for a friend’s birthday party. 

Stage Planning 

Determining the type of performance your venue can accommodate is as important as the performance. For instance, an ultimate 80s tribute band with a huge orchestra in a small stage setting can overwhelm the audience, or an acoustic act is a big no for a large cavernous hall. Therefore, we suggest that the artists accommodate their ensemble within the stage set with the agent. 

The Budget

On average, a dance band costs between $2500-$7500 for an event. However, keep in mind that a band’s fee-only makes up to half of the gross cost of the performance. A comprehensive, informative website of reputable musicians or 80’s cover bands will give you a detailed idea of their performance costs or hourly rates on the internet. 

Established live performers can cost a bit, but they are often worth the extra expense. For smaller events, we suggest you consider emerging artists and bands to avoid spurring thousands of dollars. 

Professional musicians know how to “Rock the House” when desired and oscillate with the audience. In addition, a live band accents the fun to any party if chosen wisely.

 Therefore, before searching for “80s cover bands near me”, we suggest you consider the tips above along with crowd interaction. 

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