What Features Make A Social Media App Extraordinary?

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A decade ago, who imagined that social media apps would dominate the internet so rapidly? Today, it rarely happens that we use our phones but don’t open a social app. WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and many other thriving apps have made us habituated to them.

Let us look at some numbers.

Social media statistics

  • A report from Statista, a renowned online portal for statistics, shows that social media users worldwide would cross 3.1 billion in 2021.
  • Another report from Smart Insights, an emerging marketing research and advisory company, shows that this number of social media users is expected to reach 3.484 billion till 2019.

These staggering numbers indicate how fast social media is capturing the internet. But what is the reason behind its popularity?

Why are social media apps so popular?

  • Social apps provide entertainment and infotainment
  • People from different corners of the world can connect and communicate easily and quickly
  • People can earn a substantial living through the social media app platform by setting their online business
  • People can post their skillsets and accomplishments and make themselves known to their peers and potential employers
  • People of similar interests can create dedicated groups and communities to achieve common goals
  • They can be used to create awareness for social causes and bring change in the society

Significant advantages of the social media platform for businesses

  • Businesses can swiftly connect to their target audience and customers
  • They can advertise their products or services to a wide range of audience in a short time
  • They can provide personalized support, notifications, updates, etc. to their customers
  • A social media app helps the businesses to create brand awareness, free of cost or using paid services
  • These apps help to boost the website traffic
  • Businesses can work on online reputation management (ORM) through customer reviews and provide better services to boost sales

With so many prospering benefits, several businesses prefer to create dedicated mobile applications today. Due to this, social media app development services are growing and providing innovative solutions. To ensure that the app becomes appealing to the users and highly successful, the app developers need to add exciting features to it.

What are the features of an addictive social media app?

User-friendly and attractive UI: The app must be easy to use and navigate through so that a wide range of audiences can be influenced. It should have alluring UI/UX so that the app engages the users for a longer time.

Easy connectivity: Ease of connectivity is the most significant feature of a social media app. The app should have advanced connecting features and search criteria for the audience of diverse backgrounds to connect swiftly.

Custom user profiles: A good app should let the users to extensively customize individual profiles by adding their bios, uploading pictures, etc. It makes them feel important.

Push notifications and news feed: A social app needs to boost engagement by generating a constant flow of news feed. It should have the ability to send notifications about other users’ posts, any special events, etc.

Building network: An app that allows the users to expand their following to a large number of people in less time or few clicks, grabs the attention of more users.

Integration with other social media platforms: To enhance popularity, a social app must easily integrate with other leading social platforms. It helps to organically grow the user-base.

Security and privacy: The personal information of the users is the most important asset of a social app and it should not be hacked or leaked to any third party. So, the app should have advanced privacy and security features. The users should have a secure login facility and privacy control options to ensure that their sensitive information remains safe. While collaborating with third-party apps, it should be ensured that only authorized apps should be preferred.

Other exciting features: Features like advanced settings, real-time chatting options, Google map integration, calling facility, file transfer facility, and ability to post reviews, share posts, comment on them, update the status, etc. make a social app exceptional.


The habit-forming social apps are the ones that have all the above-mentioned features integrated into them. These keep the users interested for a longer time. They become popular quickly and generate more revenue. So, a mobile app development company should keep all the above points in mind while developing a social media app.

Higher the number of engaged and active users on a social app, the more valuable the app becomes. So, are you looking forward to investing in a social app? We can help! Get in touch to know more.

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