Steps to Make an Attractive Bracelet

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The main objective of this article is to share all the ins and outs of the jewelry business. A detailed process of making the bracelet is being discussed here. As it is very important for people to know how the product is being manufactured. Following are the steps to follow:


The first thing to make Cuban link necklace is to melt sterling silver scrap and pour the ingots. The mold will be selected according to the requirement. As you pour, quenched and pickled wherein forge the ingots converting in a rough shape which is now ready for rolling mill. Take more of silver to be on a safer side as to make more.

The ingots will be rolled in a square wire which thereafter will be drawn down to the ground wire. Keep rolling it till the silver comes almost in its double length. The rolling should be done in small increments so that the silver should not be stressed otherwise it can cause cracks also. With the time keep checking the silver for its hardness.

Now pop the drawplate inside the vice, with the help of some self-locking pliers which has jaws. Try to brace it with foot and give it an old pull. Though this process is not that refined but did the needful. Either forge or file the square end wire in the taper so that it can go inside a small hole.

In order to jump the rings get a flat drill in the vice along with the silver wire thus securing both the bit and the silver. It can easily be done through a drill bit shank. Just what is required to do is wrap the silver across the drill bit very strongly for better even jump rings. This gives Cuban link bracelet silver a better look.

After this every link is being soldered individually, it takes time and you will see that usually, people don’t solder the links over the chunky link bracelets. This is because the thickness is very strong. Each link has to be worked properly so as to get a good classic Cuban link bracelet silver shape. The chain should hang straight, go for Scatch and make it hard so that it will be more secure and will not bend. After that clean up all the solder joints and just remove any tool marks if left. Then do the polishing of the piece to make it shining and attractive for you to wear it.

There are many ways to make Cuban bracelet and Cuban link necklace. This method is just one method among many. The main thing to keep in mind in the whole process of manufacturing that there should not be any kind of compromise being made related to the quality of the bracelet. As we know very well that if the quality is good it will be liked by the customer.

The author Andrew is very much interested to know the process of making of Cuban link bracelet silver. The bracelets are so attractive that there is a huge demand for them in the market. People make choices among many and choose the best for themselves. There are various types of Cuban link necklace which are available in the market.


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