Sweet 16 Dresses

Sweet 16 Dresses: Best Fashion Tricks For Girls Under 5’2

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A big shout-out to one who has put ‘sweet’ in the ‘sweet sixteen!’ Meant to celebrate a big milestone, it comes up with many sweet moments for a birthday girl and her family. From the pomp of the party to the pizzazz of designer dress, the day is all about going on a spree in style.

Have you started the countdown to your sweet sixteen already? If yes, you should first consider shopping for stunning sweet 16 dresses on sale online. After all, a beautiful dress is what gets you in a party mood! 

Nevertheless, not all girls have fun while shopping for their sweet 16, especially petite girls. They often have a hard time finding the outfit of the right length. And with the Sweet 16 party theme mostly calling for the floor-length gowns and dresses, shopping gets even more daunting for them. But why worry when we have the solution!

Keeping our short friends in mind, we present the best sweet 16 styling hacks for girls under 5’2.

Stick To The Right Neckline

The neckline is often overlooked by fashion shoppers, but it actually plays a big role in accentuating the best features. For petite girls, the sweet 16 gown with a lower neckline is more flattering. The reason is, it lets you show some skin, creating a lengthening effect. 

Off-the-shoulder, sweetheart neckline, and plunging v-neckline in sweet 16 dresses are perfect to flatter your petite body frame.

Stick To The Right Neckline

Sleeve Length Matters!

The common problem with petite girls is that they have shorter arms. The unfit, extended sleeves downgrade the quality and outlook of the dress. Therefore, we suggest you opt for short sleeves. If you have already set your heart on a full-sleeved sweet 16 dress available at a cheap price online, make sure that the length of the sleeve hits just around the wrist. 

Sleeve Length Matters

Show Some Ankle

Not in a mood to don up in a short sweet 16 dress, but scared that a long dress may hide your height. Don’t worry; a tea-length dress can help! Showing off bare ankles in a knee or tea-length sweet 16 dress gives an illusion of height. The advantage is two folds when you pair your dress with heels.

Pro Tip: If you dream of making a splash at your sweet 16, go for a hunky high-low sweet 16 dress of your choice. It will make you reveal your ankle while also revamping your style statement to OTT.

Show Some Ankle

Monochrome Dresses Are Your BFF

Shorter girls can never go wrong with monochromatic short and long sweet sixteen dresses on sale. Simply because they create columns of colors, resulting in the illusion of a taller frame. Even in the case of two-piece dresses, make sure that the color of top and bottom is the same. 

If you ask what shades go well with petite body shape in monochromatic dresses, the answer would be saturated and bright hues. Though wearing an all-black or an all-blue outfit is an effortless and chic option to throw sass, bright colors like yellow, gold, and red add more appeal to your look. 

Monochrome Dresses

In A Nutshell

Indeed, short girls are cute! However, if you wish to stun all eyes on your sweet 16 with your elongated, exquisite look, consider following the aforementioned fashion tricks. Remember, the right sweet 16 dress will solve all your fashion problems, helping you be the showstopper of the party. So, wait no more and pop in on the best fashion store to start shopping!

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