The 3 Most Popular Classic Cars All Times

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3 is a small number. There have been so many classic cars that it is quite difficult to cram just 3 in the most sought after classic car list. And it is by no means a ranking. Since the cars are many and the list just says 3, we needed to find cars that had the most bombastic cultural impact. In order to make this list, cars need to be exposed and be the stuff of pop culture. When we talk about classic cars, there is a bit of sadness that takes over. Chances are very slim that we will ever get to drive any one of these. We wish these cars were as common and accessible as newer cars. Even if they are available, they are not up for drives or rentals. An R8 Spyder rental price is heard of but we have never heard of the rental price of a Bugatti 57SC Atlantic. Make sure to check this car out. It is fascinating.

Even in Dubai, where Supercars are plenty, the number of classic cars is disappointing.

A Ferrari 488 Gtb for rent in Dubai is available but not a 250 GTO. There have been some tremendous machines, mechanically speaking. Not all the cars that we are going to list drive well. Let us take the Lamborghini Countach, it is not part of the list, but just to give an example that it is and was a massively popular car yet it is one of the most horrible cars to drive. In fact, getting in and out of the car is so cumbersome, it takes away the practicality in an instant.

Now I am sure Lamborghini got what they wanted out of the car and practically wasn’t really what they were looking to achieve with this car, but practicality is a quite an important factor when we discuss cars. Most of the buyers of such exotic cars never take these cars to the race track and floor the gas pedal. They are too scared to do that. The majority of such buyers buy these cars for one thing only, bragging rights. So they can claim to own an exotic car.

This list is going to feature cars that are the most well-rounded engineering feats, but more importantly that have been featured in more magazines, song videos and movies than others. We are looking for the cultural mark they made on the world when they came out.

Aston Martin DB5:

This car is and was cool for James Bond. The longevity that this car has maintained is amazing. And it still hasn’t worn out. It first featured in a James Bond film in 1964 classic, Goldfinger. Sean Connery drove one and this featuring of the car immortalized the DB5 forever in the pop culture. It will never go out of style and it will always be revered. This huge superstar image sometimes overshadows what it can do on the road. It is no slouch at all. It has a 4 liter engine that produces 282 horsepower, which was top-tier for its time and a top speed of 233 kilometers per hour. In some circles, this car can easily lay claim atop any “Most Popular Cars Ever” list. The one DB5 driven in Goldfinger was recently up for auction and it fetched a staggering $6.4 million.

That is more than a Veyron, a brand new top of the line Mercedes S Class, a brand new Rolls Royce and brand new Aventador.

Jaguar E type:

This Jaguar has topped many lists of “Most Beautiful Cars Ever” lists. Some said this car is so sensuous and curvy, that it is almost too explicit and invokes a desire for sex. Which is true. The curves are in perfect proportion. It has a feminine look and at the same time, is not stereotyped as a woman’s car. The curves are some of the most beautiful. If we look closely, we can see that every curve and edge is so well drawn and well thought out that it is hard to even visualize a better version of the design. The biggest praise came from Enzo Ferrari, who dubbed it as the “most beautiful car ever made”.

When it was launched, rumor has it that the head Ferrari designer went on a shooting spree, warning his team that the E type will beat Ferrari so they need to buckle up and do something better. With such high praise and rivals running away accepting defeat and panicking, no wonder this car rose to legendary status and became one of the most legendary cars of all time. With time, it has also risen in value. But the thing is those who have it, they don’t even think of selling one so good luck finding one on the internet that is up for sale!

Ferrari 250 GTO:

Very recently this car was up for auction and fetched a price of $48 million. Enough said!

This makes Ferrari 250 GTO the most expensive car sold, ever. EVER! In the history of mankind. This price is more than a G5 jet. It is more than some of the most lavish yachts in the world. Some of the most expensive mansions in the world cost less than this. We can buy 3 F16 fighter jets in this amount. And we can buy almost 40 Hummingbird helicopters in $48 million.

This is enough to make you realize that a nearly 50-year-old car was sold for $48 million. Here is another shocker, another Ferrari 250 GTO was sold secretly for $70 million. However, the deal was kept under wraps so there is no official confirmation.

We feel that it does not get any more iconic than these three but feel free to add any car to the list that you think is more worthy!

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