Top Black Friday Electronic Deals & Where to find them

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The time of the electronics is here! That’s right folks, Black Friday is right at our doorstep, and websites are all ready to give you the biggest Black Friday electronics deals. 


One of the most commonly purchased categories online is electronics. People have long since gained their trust that online websites deliver the best when it comes to discounts for electronics. Amongst this, there are some reputed stores like Amazon and Noon which have the best sales when it comes to electronics. 


With such competition amongst websites, it becomes hard to choose which website you ultimately buy your electronics from. There are however some stores that won’t let you down when it comes to electronics. 



This is a true and tested brand that exists all over the world. They are one of the first online shopping websites, that rose to its height in the early 2000’s. Today, it stands on a well deserved pedestal as one of the most trustable online shopping websites in the world. Amazon is known to put up many Black Friday Offers, especially on electronic items. So be sure to check it out to get the best deals on your must haves. 



This is a rather newer name in the MENA market, but despite that has gained a powerful name for itself. Noon sells products from various categories, but the one it’s most popular for is electronics. Noon sells a wide range within electronics itself, including cell phones, laptops and even airpods. Noon is entering into its second year of black friday sales, which they fondly dub Yellow Friday. This Black Friday UAE sale which is especially focused on electronics is unmissable, so head to their website as soon as the sales start. 



Previously an independent store, Souq became integrated with Amazon in 2017. In true amazon fashion, Souq is also big on the black friday deals, of which they have many. To get some of the best deals on electronics, head to Souq!


Now that you know where to get your electronics from, you should know how to secure the best deals from these places. 


Prior study 

Since all three giants will be putting their electronic items on sale, you may be confused as to which website to ultimately buy from. Find out which website has the best deals by conducting a quick database check. Though the prices may seem similar, ultimately, even 10 AED could make a difference if it adds up. Black Friday KSA is sure to take you by a storm, so make sure you make the most of all the deals offered to you. 


Get extra coupons

No one complained about some extra savings, and extra savings is all that couponing websites like Barakatalan are for. You can find exclusive Black Friday coupon codes here, which are intended to reduce prices even further. 


Early bird catches the worm

This saying wasn’t made without reason. Be bright and early when it comes to shopping during a sale season. Especially if you’re eyeing a very popular item like IPhones or Airpods. These are the items that usually run out of stock first. Laptops and phones literally sell like hot-cakes, and it is definitely not a deal you’d want to miss. So skip on sleep for that one day if getting that gadget is really that important for you. 


Armed with the information needed to buy the most exclusive electronics, we hope you’re able to buy everything you need from these websites during Black Friday. Since electronics also make for good gifts, buy it on Black Friday to save yourself some cash with our tips!

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