The Best Weed-flavoured E-liquid for Sale in the UK!

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Looking for the best weed-flavoured e-liquid in the UK?

Well look no further! Paso, have got you covered.

As an award-winning brand here in the UK, Paso offers a wide range of remedial cannabis products to help you manage a number of health issues. 

Among their long list of CBD products, is their Paso CBD e-liquid, which may well be the best weed-flavoured e-liquid in the market. 

So what makes it so special? Why is it the best?

Well, I’m going to answer all of that and more but first let’s understand what a CBD or weed flavoured e liquid is.

What is a weed-flavoured e-liquid in the UK?

Just like an ordinary e-liquid, a weed-flavoured e-liquid in the UK is made from a PG/VG base oil mixed with natural terpenes for flavouring. The only difference is that instead of nicotine, it would use hemp extract for the CBD or cannabidiol to be specific. And hence, the name CBD e-liquid in the UK.

CBD is the main medicinal compound that gives the cannabis plant family their curative properties. Hemp and marijuana are both part of the cannabis plant group. Unlike THC, the other main chemical compound, CBD is strictly medicinal and does not cause any “high”.

Mostly found in marijuana, THC is legal in the US and so marijuana can also be used to make weed-flavoured e-liquids. And which also explains why they are sometimes referred to as marijuana e-liquids even here in the UK, despite the products being strictly made from hemp. 

Keeping that in mind, Paso have developed a fantastic range of CBD e-liquids in mouth-watering flavours without compromising the authentic earthly taste of marijuana. They have an Amnesia Haze and a Mango Kush flavour. Both we’ve sampled and they are delightfully herbaceous with no excessive fruitiness or sugar.

All of them contain up to 10% of pure CBD along with minor cannabinoids (not including THC) so as to further enhance its effects. Each flavour is sold in either a 1ml pre-filled 510 cartridges that you can use with any 510 compatible vape pen as well as 10ml bottles that you can use to refill your existing vaping device

Made under strict GMP guidelines, all their products are totally nicotine free with zero to trace amounts of THC, thus completely health-oriented, making their vape juices some of the best CBD e-liquids in the market.

In case you’re looking for something stronger, you might want to check out their CBD vape oils that are higher-strength vape juices with up to 65% of pure CBD.

For more insight into Paso’s CBD products, reach out to them directly, but I thoroughly enjoyed my taste test! 

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