The Most Beneficial Senior Assistance Programs To Consider In 2020

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These days, many seniors live on limited incomes. Their sources of income are sometimes varied, but primarily include Social Security, some sort of additional government assistance and a small pension. Few seniors have vast savings or funds to live a comfortable life. Unfortunately for many seniors, finding reliable, high-quality services can be problematic, especially when their funds are limited.

Nevertheless, there are multiple organizations across the country which provide both social and medical services. These organizations offer much-needed help for senior citizens, often without any additional costs (or very inexpensive). This type of senior citizen assistance is provided either at home or in nursing homes. Let’s go over the most important programs available for senior citizens:

Daily Assistance 

This service is often the most important for most seniors. Age often robs seniors of their mobility and in some cases, their independence. In this instance, assistance in daily routines can often be the best solution, not only for the senior citizen but also for the immediate family who may not have the time or ability to provide assistance.  

Benefits Consulting and Financial Management

Figuring what type of service is needed and which is available to you can be a real issue for many seniors. Counseling helps seniors understand what type of programs are available, what to choose, how to adapt their budgets and where can they get help. You also receive answers to important questions about food stamps, housing, long term care, health, and medical issues. 

Similarly, some programs offer financial management. These individuals will ensure their financial paperwork is up-to-date and filed correctly to the appropriate channels. 

Counseling can be immensely beneficial for senior citizens, particularly from a licensed party. 

Adult Daycare

This is another very important service offered to senior citizens. Adult daycare centers are run either by non-profit organizations (charities or houses of worship) or by government organizations. Daycare centers provide shelter and hot meals for citizens in need. They also provide limited nursing services, specifically aimed at senior citizens who cannot take care of themselves. 

More information about adult day-care centers can be obtained at your local Office for Aging, which can be found in any major urban center. 

While some adult day-care centers have minimal fees (used only to cover costs), most of them are completely free. Keep in mind that adult day-care centers have various eligibility requirements. For instance, some will only accept continent patients, as they don’t have the staff and resources to change adult diapers. Others may offer help for senior citizens, no matter their medical condition. Try to give your local Office for Aging as much information as possible about your condition and needs before being directed to an adult daycare center.

Medicaid Dental Centers

Handling dental health is one of the main concerns of senior citizens. Unfortunately, there are very few dentists who accept Medicaid payments. Seniors who need dental treatment may often need to travel a long distance before finding a dentist that does accept Medicaid. The best way to find a dentist that will accept Medicaid is to contact your state’s Department of Health website and see which is the closest to you. Keep in mind that some states have very few dentists who accept Medicaid (for instance, in New York, there are about 40).

Also, there are various dental programs that can help you get free dentures. For instance, your state’s Dental Association may offer programs for senior citizens that will help you with free dentures, under certain conditions. Start your search online and visit the local Dental Association or Dental Colleges. Even if you don’t find a free provider, there are ample discounts for senior citizens.

Low-cost Prescription Drugs

Despite the advanced Medicare and Medicaid programs, there are a lot of senior citizens who find it difficult to find low-cost prescription drugs. However, this type of senior citizen assistance program is evolving, thanks to the Partnership for Prescription Assistance. The program offers help for senior citizens looking for low-cost drugs, especially for generic drugs, which can cost 50 to 80 percent less than normal prices. Talk to your doctor to learn more about this program.

Free Cell Phones And Discounted Phone Service

LifeLine is the main federal program that offers affordable phone service for anyone in the United States. The service provides free or discounted phones for every household, according to specific criteria. In order to qualify, seniors will have to have some type of assistance, such as food stamps, Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, Supplemental Social Security or from any other federal programs. If you’re not sure, visit to learn more about the program and if you are eligible for it. In some cases, you can get a free cell phone and a heavily discounted monthly plan.

Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program

Previously known as Food Stamps, the SNAP program is designed for anyone who is not food secure across the United States. Senior citizens can apply through any Office for Aging or via the Elder Affairs Department in each state. The application can be completed online and you will have to include your income, residency status, your address and zip code, and other personal details. The monthly benefits can be as low as $200, for a single person, and can go to almost $1,500 for large families.

Free Hearing Aids

New hearing aids can cost thousands of dollars, so it’s no wonder many seniors simply cannot afford this. However, there is help for seniors, particularly when it comes to new hearing aids. Multiple private and non-profit organizations offer programs for senior citizens and provide free hearing aids. Although most won’t be new, they are in working condition and very helpful. Another solution is contacting manufacturers for free trials. Many manufacturers will give away the hearing aids to senior citizens as trials, so you can receive free devices without much effort.

Free Legal Help

Legal help is one of the core services of senior citizen assistance and is provided by various Senior Law Centers. You can find these centers by contacting your Office for Aging. These centers are often financed by local universities or colleges and are very helpful for senior citizens who need legal aid. While these centers won’t represent your interests in large cases, they will offer legal assistance in multiple legal issues. Other options include your local Lion’s Club or your local business association which can help you find pro bono attorneys in your area.

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