The Top 7 Airlines Offering Bonus Miles On Purchases

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The airline industry has various offers to make their passengers happy and help them travel to multiple destinations without the stress of rising fares and accommodation fees. Airlines offer various loyalty programs for upgrades, redemption for awards, and bonuses to keep passengers happy.

These loyalty programs are also ideal for airlines to raise capital to fund various operations, and they do so by selling mileage offers to ensure airlines stay afloat. Instead of accumulating the points through traditional strategies such as shopping and traveling, you can buy the miles on sale and use them for your future needs.

The benefit of buying the mileage is that you can get more on discount instead of the traditional methods, which only award a few points, and it can be challenging to reach the bonus to unlock awards.

Therefore, it is also a lucrative investment since you can buy the miles and keep them for future use to travel in other airlines, longer distances, premium cabins, or get cheap accommodation. If you want some pints, here are some promotional offers to consider.

  1. American Airlines AA Advantage

To get better offers, you should focus on the more prominent airlines since their offers last longer and are likely easier to access than other airlines. For priority, consider American Airlines, which offers you a discount of 35% on the miles; hence you can purchase the points at 2.45 cents per mile, making it one of the best offers to redeem for long-distance travel.

You can buy airline miles by visiting a website that partners with rewards programs, credit card companies, and airline alliances. Additionally, you should consider a website that enables you to buy and sell your points, i.e., you can sell them for profits, especially during the peak flight seasons when the price per point shoots higher.

Another reason to buy the AA points is that the promotions by American Airlines are always open with no end date issued; hence people are not scrambling to purchase, thus pushing the prices higher.

  1. Southwest Airlines

If you love flying within the States, it’s time to take up Southwest on their mile purchase and offers. These offers are crazy, with 50% off, and you pay about 1.5 cents per point. The more miles you buy, the higher the discounts you are likely to get, and the offers get better if you are a member of the Southwest Rapid Rewards.

Due to its popularity for local travelers within the US, their reward programs are usually hard to earn hence the need to jump on these promotions, which are also sometimes hard to come by. Add points to your account to unlock the rewards, including those with partner airlines and alliances.

  1. Air Canada AeroPlan

The benefit of this plan is that you can transfer your points to partners such as Capital One Miles, American Express membership, and Marriott Bonvoy meaning you can get cheaper flights and accommodations. You can use the points on Air Canada flights and other flights it partners with for local and global travel.

The offers get more discounts if you surpass the 5000 points mark and pay about 2.25 cents per point. The only challenge with purchasing these points is the fluctuations; you can hardly tell the pricing. The redemption costs are also likely higher, especially if you want premium and long-haul flights.

  1. Alaska Mileage Plan

Alaskan Airlines offers between 3000 to 19000 mileage purchase offers and varying discounts; the more you buy, the higher the discount. If you buy between 40000 to 100000 miles, you get a 60% discount; hence it’s more lucrative to buy more; for any miles below that, you get a discount between 40 to 50%.

Due to these discounts, you are likely to buy at 1.85 cents per point for the desired redemption, and bonuses include those offered within the One-World Alliance umbrella. Upon redemption, you can get first-class offers and awards on one world alliance flight. Besides that, you can transfer your points to British Airways to enjoy longer, premium flights cheaply.

  1. United Mileage Plus

United Airlines sometimes offers some of the most amazing and hard-to-find mileage purchases. The recent offer includes a 95% bonus, suppose you exceeded the 40000 miles’ mark. For such higher miles, the airline allows you to purchase the points at 1.93 cents per point and sometimes as low as 1.1 cents when you exceed the 40000 miles.

  1. Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer

Besides being one of the best and most luxurious international flights, it offers some of the best mileage for purchase and partners with over five reward programs for the passengers to enjoy. To get these offers, you can search the listings on the star alliance awards and redeem them for awards within the alliance.

You can consider purchasing their mileage to enjoy their first-class offers, especially for longer trips. Besides, you also get good accommodation awards from partner hotels such as Marriott.

  1. Aegean Miles

It is amazing to find an airline that offers 200 to 300% discounts for their mileage purchase programs, and you can redeem the points for travel in partner airlines like Air Canada, Air China, and Lufthansa. However, you must buy between 90,000 and 110,000 miles to get the discounts. The only disadvantage is the limited partners to transfer the points.


Buying airline miles on discounts can help you reach the points you need to unlock the bonuses hence the need to watch out for the offers. Consider airlines with the best discount offers and ensure they allow you to transfer the points to other airlines within the alliance. Alternatively, you can accumulate the miles and sell them for a profit through a reputable website.

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