Top Hemp Food Products and Their Benefits

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There are many uses of hemp, but one of its most popular uses is as a food source. Many grocery stores today now carry various hemp food products like hemp seeds, hemp seed oil, hemp tea, hemp milk and hemp infusion drinks. Aside from its distinct nutty taste, hemp food products also bring together nutritional and medical benefits. Read on as we talk about the top hemp food products available online and in many local grocery stores.

Hemp Seed Oil

Made by cold pressing hemp seeds, hemp seed oil is not recommended for frying because of its low smoke point. One of its benefits is that it offers a balanced distribution of essential fatty acids in the body, unlike flaxseed oil. It also has linoleic acid (LA/omega-6), gamma-linoleic acid (GLA), alpha-linoleic acid, (ALA/omega-3) and stearidonic acid (SDA/omega-3).

Hemp Oil

Hemp oil is hemp extract oils that contain phytocannabinoids, which is one of the most clinically-studied cannabinoids. It is known to have many benefits, including its potential to treat chronic pain, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, neuroinflammation, HIV/AIDS and cancer. Its high cannabinoid content signifies a higher and more potent medicinal effect. Hemp oil is usually taken as a supplement, but experts also recommend directly applying it to the skin. In fact, there are many skin care products available today that are infused with hemp oil. Aside from being excellent moisturizers, they can also reduce dandruff, itchy scalps and seborrhea.

Hemp Seeds

Perhaps the tastiest product derived from marijuana is hemp heart seeds, which can easily be added to practically any kind of salad. Hemp heart seeds are rich in fiber, well-balanced fays and come with complete nutrients. Among its health benefits include promotion of digestion, normalizing gastrointestinal tracts, and reducing bowel syndromes. It has also shown to reduce menopause and PMS symptoms. Hemp seeds have shown benefits to cardiovascular health, reducing blood pressure and decreasing the risks of heart attack.

Hemp Milk

Another popular product derived from hemp seeds, hemp milk is usually additionally flavored with chocolate or vanilla. It is a great alternative to traditional milk as well as nuts milk and soy milk. It contains no dairy so they are less likely to cause any allergic reactions. Most of the benefits of hemp milk come from hemp seeds, which is rich in zinc, niacin, calcium, iron and fatty acids.

Hemp Tea

Hemp tea consists of toasted hemp seeds or dry hemp leaves which contains trace amounts of useful cannabinoids that significantly vary depending on the plant species. However, most cannabinoids are not water soluble. Thus, to maximize its health benefits, experts recommend to add the dry hemp with some butter, oil or any kind of alcohol. This will help the cannabinoids dissolve quickly and more effectively. Some of its health benefits include reducing depression, stress, anxiety and insomnia; helping with irritable bowel syndrome and nausea, particularly among chemotherapy patients; and reducing chronic pain, inflammations and allergy, making it popular among multiple sclerosis patients.

Hemp Protein

A great alternative to meat, hemp protein contains more protein ounce for ounce compared to any kind of meat source. Plus, it contains no cholesterol. Hemp protein can be mixed into homemade smoothies and juices or even bought as a ready-made flavored shake mixes. After hemp is crushed for oil, the remaining product contains 25 percent protein, making it a great source of dietary fiber. This is an excellent nutritional supplement and food ingredient for both human and animals. It can even be used to brew beer.

Just like most things, hemp is safe for as long as it is consumed in moderation. Because it is high in fat, you might notice a sudden increase in fat which can cause milk diarrhea. People with digestive system are recommended to start consuming them in small amounts, slowly working up to their desired dose.

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