Top Live Video Streaming Platforms For Live Events Webcasting

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Have you gained a sudden boost in brand sales? Or the fan base has increased enormously? If yes, is Live streaming the reason behind it? If records are to be checked, Live streaming solutions have been helping many brands to leverage ever since its existence. With the rapid increase in the usage of live streaming solutions and with the latest advancements in technology, the various live streaming platform came into existence.

Live Event Webcasting On Multiple Platforms

The battle has been on between various platforms to gain the title of the best video streaming platform by offering top class interactive features. Live streaming has become an asset for digital marketers as it allows brands to broadcast live events and reach the audience around the world with a single click. Live event webcasting helps not only in expanding brand presence but even result in building customer brand relationships. Top video streaming platforms allow brands to interact with their customers in real-time by enabling comments during the live event webcasting. The audience can show appreciation by adding comments or hearts and likes to the live event webcasting.

Live event webcasting on Facebook, Instagram, Periscope, Youtube are quite popular among brands. The audience around the world is easily found on these platforms which helps any brand to notch higher in the digital game. Choose the best video streaming platform that allows the brand to connect with its audience in the most innovative way. Apart from Live event webcasting on the best video streaming platform, brands can share their journey with their audiences by giving them raw insights. Behind the scenes, scenarios and the authentic content shared by brands connect the audience emotionally with the brand. It helps in building a sense of trust which later results in brand loyalty.

The benefits of the best video streaming platform not only end with interactive tools, converting leads and boosting sales. If you have not yet opted for live event webcasting, now is the time to plan your next event and broadcast live event on one of the best video streaming platforms.

Best Video Streaming Platform For Live Event Webcasting

Here is a list of some of the most popular and best video streaming platform for live event webcasting:

1. Facebook Live

If we talk about the best video streaming platform and not discuss facebook it just can’t happen. Facebook is one of the most popular social platforms that has millions of active users around the globe irrespective of age and gender. Reaching the target audience by Live event webcasting on Facebook Live is quite easy for any brand. It helps any brand to expand its reach around the globe and build awareness about the brand or product. You can simply broadcast a live event on Facebook just by clicking the “Go Live” button and put your brand message across millions around the globe by a single click without any geographical boundaries. While live event webcasting on Facebook you can interact with the audience in real-time by enabling comments. The most loved comments can be pinned at the top by the brand which acts as influencers and helps in attracting more potential target audiences. After the live event webcasting gets over it stays on Facebook for a 24-hour timeline allowing the audience to catch the live stream who missed it at the time of live broadcast. Facebook live is counted as one of the best video streaming platforms that helps many new and existing brands to leverage.

live video to facebook

2. Youtube Live

Youtube is well established and the oldest platform that is known for watching videos around the globe. The presence of youtube is known to one and all. As live streaming became prominent in the current era, youtube worked on its algorithms to pace up and enter in the race of top video streaming platform. Live event webcasting on youtube has benefited many brands by reaching millions. To broadcast live events on youtube one must have its presence on youtube with a youtube channel that has 100 or 100 plus subscribers. Brands that have a long-standing presence on youtube since few years makes it easier for them to broadcast live event on youtube. When compared to other top video streaming platform, youtube allows live event we[irp]bcasting to play for a longer duration. It is the best video streaming platform for webcasting college events that run long. You can set the privacy settings to the public if you want to reach a wider group of audiences while broadcasting live events on youtube.

live webcast on youtube

3. Instagram Live

Instagram is one of the top video streaming platforms amongst the gen-next. Live event webcasting on Instagram connects brands with their audience globally. If a brand targets gen z Live event webcasting on Instagram is the best decision for any brand. Live streams on Instagram appear at the top of the feed, where the story displays with a red highlight, that catches the audience’s attention quite quickly. Live stream on Instagram stays for a duration of 24 hours after the live stream ends which allows audiences to catch the missed live stream. The notification is sent to all the followers as soon as you broadcast live events via Instagram.

instagram live streaming

4. Periscope Live

Periscope is the first social media platform that introduced live streaming solutions way back in 2014. This is one of the best video streaming platforms that influenced other platforms to introduce live streaming solutions. It is well integrated with twitter which allows periscope streams to be shared on twitter as well. Allow engaging more niche audiences around the globe. The first app that allows brands to broadcast live events and reach audiences while interacting with them in real-time. While discussing the best video streaming platform, periscope can be missed.

live broadcast on periscope

Live streaming is here to stay and is expanding its presence with each passing year. New platforms are being introduced every year that offers live streaming solutions for brands to leverage. The battle has on between the top live video streaming platforms to win the title of the best streaming platform. Who wins the battle is yet to be seen.

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