What are the materials used for making masks for coronavirus disease?

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In recent times, humankind has come across a Pandemic situation like never before. Life has completely changed for each one of us in several ways. Not only going outdoors has become scarce but also it has impacted the mental health of a lot of people. 


Another major change that has taken place in the times of Covid-19 is the utility of masks. Yes, the same mask which was earlier used just by machine workers and surgeons has now become an outfit for the entire human population. A safety face mask is of utmost necessity while you step out of your abodes. 


Let’s first understand the meaning of a mask. What is a mask? What is it used for? These are the questions that people should ask themselves and have an answer to it. A mask is a small piece of cloth that covers the nose and mouth of a person. If you want to know what are the uses of a face mask then let me tell you that ever since Covid-19 has hit our lives, the uses have drastically increased so much that a mask is the most crucial thing for stopping the spread of this virus. 


There are a number of reasons why wearing a face mask is a sign of hygiene that one follows on an everyday basis. Some of the uses are mentioned below: 

  • Since we know the pollution is rising throughout the World and especially in India, therefore it is recommended to wear an Anti-dust mask so that you are saved from all the pollutants that are present in the air. 


  • Amidst the rise in the Covid-19 virus, wearing your mask is the only solution to saving yourself from coming in contact with the virus. 


  • There are many other infections which are often present in the air, so to prevent our respiratory health, wearing a mask is for the best and helps in keeping the respiratory system in a better position. 


  • Imagine sitting in a room of 25 people and it is the season of common cold/flu. Every other person in the room is either coughing or sneezing, in that case, if you keep your mask on, the risk of getting exposed to the virus will be fairly less. 


However, for the prevention of the novel coronavirus disease, various researchers and scientists have come up with new revelations on how to wear a mask properly and how should the masks be according to the required constituents. 


Now let’s see what are the necessary elements of a mask for it to be efficiently working and protective. Masks should usually be made up of three layers for proper utility: 

  • Innermost Layer: As it is self-explanatory, this is the inner layer of any mask that makes the base of any face mask. The fabric helps in the absorption of different particles in the air which could be viruses or specks of dust. Since this part touches directly to the skin of our face, the fabric must be cotton. 

  • Middle Layer: It is made up of Polypropylene. The middle layer is not woven and made in a way that it also does not participate in any kind of absorption. 

  • Outermost Layer: The exposed and the outer layer is quite crucial. Made up of Polyester this is the first stage where the virus, dust or any other infection sits down. Prefer not touching this part very often when you are outdoors. 


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