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What Is The Caffeine Content Of Matcha Tea

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There is a lot written about the health benefits of Green tea. Matcha tea is traditionally consumed in East Asia. This tea comes from specially grown and processed green tea leaves. It is finely ground powder of these leaves. Young tea leaves from the camellia sinensis plant are used to make this tea. Now, let’s learn about matcha tea caffeine content. 

Matcha Tea Caffeine Content 

One 8-ounces of matcha tea contains 28 milligrams of caffeine. Green tea also has almost the same caffeine content. When you are drinking matcha tea, you are drinking actual leaves. Therefore, the matcha tea caffeine content is more than that of your regular green tea. Here you need to note one thing. Whether it is tea or coffee, you have different options with varying caffeine content. This also depends on the concentration you want. For example, your standard 8-ounce cup with 1 teaspoon of matcha powder can have a matcha tea caffeine content of 70 milligrams.     

Matcha Tea vs Coffee

The caffeine content of one cup of matcha tea is less than that of 1 cup of coffee. Again, the difference varies. The caffeine content of regular coffee in an 8-ounce cup can be from 95 to 200 milligrams. The amount of caffeine also depends on the strength of your brew. Your average matcha tea cup can contain from 25 to 130 grams of caffeine.    

If you love drinking espresso, you will consume 63 milligrams of caffeine. The caffeine content of decaf coffee ranges from 2 milligrams to 15 milligrams. Matcha tea also contains l-theanine, an amino acid. This amino acid is not present in coffee. L-theanine makes a big difference when it comes to the effects of caffeine. Thanks to this amino acid, your body absorbs caffeine slowly. You are less likely to have a caffeine crash after a cup of matcha tea.

However, you should not consume more than 3 to 4 cups of matcha tea a day. Your caffeine intake should not be more than 400 milligrams a day.

What is Decaf Matcha 

You can enjoy a pretty green latte and you don’t have to worry about caffeine. You can drink a cup of decaf matcha. When you remove caffeine, your drink is also deprived of some of its antioxidants. If you want to avoid caffeine, decaf matcha is for you. 

Should you drink coffee or matcha? 

It is your personal choice what you want to drink for a boost. If you want the effect of caffeine without caffeine crash, go for matcha. Both coffee and matcha have health benefits to offer. However, in addition to considering the kind of effect you want, you should also consider your sensitivities before making your choices.

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