What Are Cbd Edibles Like Gummies And How Quickly Do They Work?

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In this post we will explore the wonderful world of CBD edible gummies – what they are and what makes them so good. 

Cannabis can be consumed in a number of ways like smoking, vaping, eating and drinking depending upon which you prefer. For recreational purposes, smoking is certainly the fastest way of getting its effects. But if you wish to gain its therapeutic benefits without getting the high then edibles are the perfect way to start. 

Cannabis edibles though come in various forms like oils, tinctures, capsules, creams, chocolates, candies, gummies and so on. The latter being the most tempting of them all. In the UK, all cannabis products are derived from hemp and so are CBD dominant so for the sake of this article we will be talking specifically about CBD edibles. 


What are CBD edible gummies?

CBD edibles, specifically gummies are a hemp-infused sweet treat that you can chew, suck or swallow so as to absorb the CBD – the medicinal bit of cannabis. They are the perfect way to mask the slightly bitter taste of the hemp that many people are not fans of. CBD edible gummies are available in many flavours and colours, AND you can now even get CBD edibles gummies in vegan just make sure they are using a gelatin alternative. 


What is the correct dosage for CBD edibles like gummies? 

In terms of the best CBD dosage for say anxiety, it is hard to be prescriptive as we differ from person to person. So much depends on one’s habits, lifestyle, psyche and other factors such as metabolism, diet, gender, weight and tolerance. 

The point is that a specific amount of CBD which may be sufficient for one person may not be good enough for another and vice versa. Similarly, the time CBD takes to affect one individual may not always be the same with someone else. However, the beauty of CBD edibles like gummies is that it is easier to track how much CBD you are taking as each is specifically dosed per gummy. 


How long does it take for CBD gummies to show the effects?

Upon ingestion, CBD edible gummies can take anywhere between 1-2 hours to fully digest and absorb into your system. But this all depends on your body and when you take it.  

For example someone with a full stomach may take longer than 2 hours, but someone with an empty stomach might start feeling its effects within an hour. Also, having CBD edibles on an empty stomach would give you a stronger hit as compared to consuming them when you’re already full. 

Staying hydrated is yet another way of enhancing the effects of cannabis in your body as it helps you stay active while CBD works in your body. But this is more applicable or noticeable when your edibles contain higher amounts of THC.  


How long do the effects of the CBD last? 

A CBD edible like gummies will also last longer than any other mode of consumption as they are slow release and so the effects are drawn out in the body. You can also try sucking on your CBD edible gummies before chewing and swallowing as your taste palates will absorb some proportion of CBD to give you instant effects of some degree. 


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