What You Should Know About Redgum Firewood!

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Redgum is a versatile, robust, and long-lasting hardwood with light to dark red heartwood.

This material is often utilised in construction applications including flooring, fence, landscaping, and outdoor decking. It can also be utilised in the production of furniture, boatbuilding applications, joinery, and structural plywood.

Aside from the applications described above, redgum can also be used as firewood. Redgum firewood has a lot of outstanding burning capabilities that might help you keep a good fire going.

Therefore these days you will find tons of bulk redgum firewood for sale.

The most important thing about this substance is its lasting ignition which causes long time fires. Apart from these ingredients, redgum has other properties that make it excellent firewood.

Available Heat

Redgum is a dense wood that may quickly catch fire and burn perfectly. When burning redgum firewood, you may expect it to last a long time. If the humidity in your location makes it difficult to burn firewood, you may wish to switch to redgum for a better firewood result. Redgum has a significant amount of heat available to it, so anticipate it to function well and efficiently. To calculate the heat content % of your wood, divide the density of the wood by 11.2.

Ignition Efficiency

Redgum is quickly ignited when combined with available heat. Ignition is a characteristic that indicates how easily a wood may be lit and started. Expect the wood to ignite more easily if it has a lot of sap or resin. Because redgum has a low density, it is easier to ignite than woods with a high density. Furthermore, redgum has a variety of natural fuel components, such as sap or resin, that may feed and sustain an approaching fire, making it excellent for use as firewood.

Value of Density

The dry weight per unit volume of wood indicates its density. Denser woods burn quicker and longer than lighter woods, making them ideal for firewood. The explanation for this ability is that heavier wood has more heat per volume than lighter wood. Redgum is heavy and dense, making it an excellent fuel material. A forest redgum has a seasoned density of 1,000 kg/m3 and an unseasoned density of 1,200 kg/m3.

Capability to Split

The thickness of the redgum material does not always imply that it is difficult to separate.

In reality, redgum can be easily divided into several parts. When compared to other firewood with tighter grains, this wood has straight grains that make it easier to split. Furthermore, redgum has a low number of knots, making it easy to split and use. A redgum, on the other hand, can only be easily split if it has been well-seasoned. Otherwise, splitting an unseasoned redgum can be tough.

If you’re looking for a good source of firewood, consider a well-seasoned redgum. Simply look for any bulk redgum firewood for sale to obtain your firewood products, and choose the quantity you require.

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