Where can you apply for pharmacovigilance courses in Pune?

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What is Pharmacovigilance?

Pharmacovigilance is a branch of a pharmacy where vigilance is kept over the use of drugs. According to WHO guidelines, proper reporting of Adverse drug reactions, and Adverse events is necessary in order to completely justify the job of Pharmacovigilance. At present career in it is at boom and various institutes provide Pharmacovigilance courses.

Duties of Pharmacovigilance…

The Pharmacovigilance officers carry out a complete survey and reporting of ADR’S and AE’S regarding the drugs and their classifications during the whole course of the year and complete their job of reporting by filling up the forms online and submitting them to FDA and WHO. The scope of and growth opportunities in it field are wide and are presently at boom citing the needs and requirements of the industry. A lot of colleges and private institutes provide clinical research and Pharmacovigilance courses, however, the course provided by our institute, is at par with the current industry requirements and recent updates that are happening and followed across the world.

About the courses…

Students doing clinical research and Pharmacovigilance courses from our institute would have excellent platform and knowledge to land into a good company or enterprise and can boost their growth opportunities and avail the benefits of our wide network and contacts we hold in the industry looking at the present scenario. Compared to pan India, the Pharmacovigilance courses in Pune are one of the best in industry and the knowledge delivering and sharing practices are one of the best in the country.

Courses in it are either provided in combination or are also available separately in order to justify the requirements of the students and their career plans in this field of science. Looking at the growing demand for the course, our institute has introduced the state of the art curriculum which will help our students to cope with the requirements and pressures of the real job.

About DCS Institute…

Our Institute provides the best and state of art facilities and knowledge sharing platforms which is an exception in the Pharmacovigilance courses in Pune.

Our faculties and guest lecturers are from the industry itself, and they are astute in delivering their duties as and when required by the students. Solving the queries of the students, and taking them to the right path is what our faculties are master in. The study environment and faculty-student interface in our institute are one of the exceptionally best compared to the other institutes providing Pharmacovigilance courses in Pune.

The teaching staff of our institute can help the students in learning the depth of this science, and the terminologies used in the industry during the whole journey of careers in it. The faculties in our institute are guided to take individual attention to each and every student whosoever takes the courses in our institute.

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