Top 7 Ways in which Furniture impacts the Ambience of a Hotel

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A lot goes into making a hotel profitable, such as the brand name with which it is associated, location of the hotel, facilities provided by them and also the reviews of the guests those who had already stayed there. The hotel’s ambience is also one of the most important prerequisites for making it successful in the hospitality industry. Various factors are connected with each other that helps in building the perfect ambience for a hotel.

The quality and theme of furniture that the hotel uses acts as a positive as well as a negative factor for the ambience of the hotel. Outdated hotel furniture that fails in terms of functionality can have a disastrous effect on its reputation. In modern times, we all carry out vivid researches before settling for one. The hotel rooms with great ambience always have an appealing effect on our mind and those are the ones which get selected by the guests. 

Top 7 ways by which furniture impacts the ambience of a hotel

Sets the guests expectations

While looking out for hotels, the guests carry out vivid researches. They go through various pictures which are available on the hotel’s websites. Research shows that until they check-into the hotel, the guests form a perception in their minds on the basis of the pictures of the rooms and hotel furniture available in the pictures. The setup shown in the pictures reflects the type of ambience the guests can expect from their visit, Hotels with well-furnished lobbies and guest rooms create high expectations in the guest’s minds and are also more likely to get noticed in the first place.

Adds to the theme of the hotel

Themed hotels are a new addition in the hotel business market. The themed hotels are providing an overall new experience to their guests. There are various types of themed hotels throughout the world. In India, heritage hotels can be considered the best-themed hotels, since these hotels were the homes to the royalty, they have the same essence in them with large courtyards, big rooms, ornamented balconies and dedicated servants. These hotels have furniture which belonged to the royalty thus creating a traditional ambience for its guests. The guests visit these hotels to get a full-fledged experience of such ambiences.  

Colour of the furniture create its own ambience

The hotel rooms which are well-ventilated and decorated gets high points than those which looks shabby and wired out. Guests look for modern and chic interiors that will give them a warm and relaxing ambience after a long trip. Modern-day travellers love contemporary hotel interiors with soothing colours. They even want to incorporate them into their homes as well. The colour of the furniture in a hotel room is capable of having a psychological effect on the mind of its guests. It decides the whole vibe of a room and has the capability to control the guest’s mood.

Upgrades the level of comfort of the guests

The comfort level provided by a hotel’s furniture is the key factor which any guest looks out for while staying in a hotel. A comfortable bed and some cosy chairs in a hotel room are the ones which will create the best ambience for the guests.

Makes the hotel room more functional

A hotel which provides “at home” type ambience is the one which is mostly prefered by the guests. While looking out for hotels, the guests always go for those which provides them with a soothing and relaxing experience. Cheap furniture made with inferior quality items will never create a soothing ambience. The visitors want the furniture to be functional as well as easy to use at the same time. A strategically positioned desk or a spacious wardrobe will allow the guest to use the room in the best way possible.

Space planning

Walking into a hotel room and tripping over a congested setup of furniture is not desirable at all. There is no point in cramping up a place with unnecessary furniture. Placing furniture at the right place is the key aspect which decides the ambience of a hotel and its rooms. Any guest who has issues with congested spaces will not feel claustrophobic in that way. Balance is one of the primary consideration while arranging the furniture because it directly affects the sense of equilibrium and stability of that place.

Brings more guests

As more and more guests are becoming environmentally conscious, the focus of the hotel industry is now shifting toward eco-friendly equipment. The furniture in these hotels is made up of eco-friendly materials like organic fabrics, bamboo, unfinished woods and reclaimed materials. The eco-friendly furniture creates a whole new ambience of environment-friendliness and creates consciousness among those who are still not very accustomed to this new setup. It also cuts down the maintenance cost of the hotels.

Any type of hotel furniture plays a very important part in deciding its ambience. The furniture adds to the decor and ambience of the hotel. They further determine the satisfaction level of the guests coming to stay in the hotel. Furniture can make or break the reputation of the hotel. Hoteliers should, therefore, always pay attention to the feedback provided by the guests. To know more about how furniture affects the ambience of a hotel, click here.

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