Why a Rescue Dog is the Best Pet You Can Have

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When you want to get a dog you really have two main choices. The first is to buy an expensive dog from a specialist breeder, and the other is to adopt a rescue dog from a shelter. There is no right or wrong here; it will depend on your own thoughts and feelings for the most part. However, there are some very special benefits why rescuing a dog is the better option, and will be the best choice you ever make when it comes to getting a pet. Here are some of those reasons for you to consider. 

They Will Be Intensely Loyal 

Dogs are far from stupid creatures, and they understand what is happening (if not in great detail then certainly in simple terms) when they are locked away in a cage awaiting adoption. They will be sad and alone even when they are well cared for. All they want is a home to call their own. 

This is why, when you choose a shelter dog, there will be a special bond between you, and once you get them home they won’t want to leave your side. They will become your constant companion and be intensely loyal to you forever more. This is a wonderful gift that not everyone gets to experience, so if you can, you should. 

You Can Give Them a New Life 

Dogs that come from shelters all have a story to tell. They may once have had a family but perhaps they grew too large or had a behavior trait that wasn’t liked. Perhaps their previous owner died or became too frail or unwell to care for them. Maybe the dog itself was treated badly and needed to be rescued. Whatever their story, when you adopt a dog you are giving them a new life. 

No matter whether they are just puppies or are fairly elderly creatures, you allowing them into your home to live out their days is a special thing indeed, and it is a kind and selfless act for which you will be rewarded with a loving, happy dog. Some dogs are going to take longer to settle in than others depending on their past and their personalities, so it’s a good idea to read this article about 7 Tips For Adopting A Shy Dog so you can really give them what they need and make them as happy as possible. 

It’s Less Expensive 

It doesn’t seem quite right to talk about money when we’re thinking about getting a dog, but the truth is it does need to be discussed. Not everyone can afford a brand new pure breed from a breeder, and some of those dogs can cost many thousands. A dog from a shelter will cost very little other than a donation and perhaps a contribution towards their inoculations. 

Plus, if you adopt an older dog they may well already be trained, so you won’t have to consider that expense either. 

In return you’ll get a wonderful new friend who can make your family complete, and you can help the shelter they came from do more good work through your donation.  

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