Why Should You Opt for Contact Lenses?

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Contact lenses are used over the cornea of the eye for vision correction purposes. Their corrective features are similar to that of the traditional spectacles or glasses. The main comparison between contact lenses and traditional glasses is that the weight and visibility elements. Contact lenses cannot be seen and weigh very less than traditional glasses. By converging or diverging the light rays which are entering the eye the images are created on the retina with the help of contact lenses.

The Benefits of Wearing Contact Lenses:

  1. Suitable for high active lifestyles: If you have an active lifestyle, then contact lenses are best for you since they are worn on the eye cornea. Optical frames, no irrespective of the kind of material they are made up of are always fragile. If you have an active lifestyle, traditional glasses can be a hindrance and hence you can go for modern contact lenses.
  2. Gives natural vision: You get a clear and natural vision like never before when you wear contact lenses as they are worn very close to the eye. The lenses sit right on the curvature of your eyes and hence, they offer you a comprehensive range of vision. Objects are seen in their correct size and position with no amount of distortion anywhere. On the other hand, a conventional glass is a bit distant from the eye. Even this distance can make objects appear smaller or larger at times. Unlike with prescription glasses, your lenses will not fog up or have scratches on them as well.
  3. Options of contact lenses: The market is filled with a different type of options when it comes to the selection of contact lenses. These lenses are designed to cater to different kind of eye problems such as astigmatism, pres-myopia, and multifocal, toric eye, etc ailments. So do consult the eye doctor when determining the kind of contact lenses which is suitable for you. No conflict with your good looks: A contact lens is as good as nothing and this makes it a perfect combination with whatever attire you are wearing. It does not clash with your style at any point.
  4. Fix problems while sleeping: There are some prescribed lenses which fix eye problems while you wear them and sleep. This is known as Ortho-K or overnight orthokeratology. It aids in correcting myopia temporarily. The next day when you wake up you see everything clearly even without the glasses.
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Wondering How to Care for Your Contact Lenses?

Lenses can be delicate. They are smaller than optical frames and hence, they require a little extra care on a regular basis. Here are some things to keep in mind if you are interested in wearing contacts for your vision:

  • Ensure that you remove your contact lenses before any activity where water may get into your eyes like when you are showering, swimming or getting into a hot tub.
  • Your doctor will give a schedule of when to replace your lenses, and you have to ensure that you follow this routine diligently.
  • Before you touch your lenses always ensure that you wash your hands and dry them off with a dry and lint-free towel.
  • Always ensure that you wet and store your contact lenses using a sterile and saline solution prescribed by the doctor. Never use homemade saline solution at any time.
  • Each doctor, as well as lenses manufacturer, will have different instruction for taking care of your contact lenses.  Make sure you follow them as well as clarify them with your doctor in case you have any doubts.
  • Lenses may wear out over time. Even the shape of your cornea can change over time and hence go for a checkup once in six months.

It is indeed a personal preference whether you select contact lenses or glass wear. Comfort, lifestyle, budget, convenience, preference, and aesthetics all are combined to make up your decision. Both have their own pros and cons and hence must be chosen after some research.

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