Why Social Media Marketing in 2020

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Some people say that social media or social media marketing is of no use in real and practical business scenarios, but businesses who are using it know that it is the ‘next big thing’ in the business world. Benefits. Even in recent years, many studies on social media marketing have led many businesses to accept that social media is an important tool to achieve desired results. According to him, the tool is beneficial for gaining new customers and increasing sales of its product. There are many other reasons for using social media as a promotional medium, and some of them are:

To drive targeted traffic

To attract the attention of potential customers and make a product famous worldwide, it is necessary to reach the right audience. Through a social media page or account, a company can contact the right people and inform them about their products and services. Through regular posts, customers can be updated with a product being the latest.

Brand recognition

Through social media, a company can deliver its product to various regions of the world without setting promotional events in real. Social media marketing platforms can become the voice and face of the company and entice customers worldwide.

Fast and reliable

Social media websites are the fastest way to reach the target audience and tell them about the company’s services and products. In addition, customers believe that content posted on these platforms through the right source of the company.

more opportunities

Since social media allows a company to reach many customers at a time, there are high chances that half the opportunities can also be moved to full opportunities. By gaining the trust of current customers, an organization can attract new customers.

About various social media marketing platforms

Many social networking sites are now used not only for the dual purpose of networking and social connectivity but also to expand their reach to businesses. Although brands can post about their products on these sites through traditional methods, they can also use the paid advertising options provided by most of these platforms. Some of the most popular social media marketing sites that are considered viable for businesses and organizations include the following:


With over 1.59 billion active monthly users, Facebook is clearly the world’s largest and leading social media marketing platform. Thus, in addition to engaging with friends and family, the site provides the ideal platform for brands to expand their market and reach the target audience. Facebook ads help build brand awareness and bring viewers to your company’s page. These paid ads are highly flexible and help assess the effectiveness of their approach through insights from Facebook’s metrics including audience demographics, page performance, etc.


Twitter is another major social networking site that boasts over 320 million active monthly users. Although the site restricts tweets to only 140 characters, businesses can use them profitably to offer their products and offers to customers. Brands can use this site to connect with prospective customers, provide information, respond to questions, as well as motivate customers to shop directly through tweets.


Instagram is a unique platform based on the concept of sharing photos and videos. What makes this site distinctive is that it is highly functional for businesses that attract customers through pictures or videos about different areas of food, art, or travel. Multiple filters and editing features add convenience and simplicity to this social media marketing site.


The business cannot miss joining YouTube as it is the second-largest search engine after Google, providing a global and cost-effective platform to showcase one’s products. By simply creating a YouTube channel, anyone can upload information as well as ad videos and likes and comments on them.


Another photo-sharing application, Pinterest has become one of the best visual bookmarking applications in no time. Businesses can pin their content on digital bulletin boards to explore audiences.


LinkedIn is one of the popular networking sites created for professionals. With over 400 million users, LinkedIn provides businesses with a global platform to find and connect with professionals and ideal candidates from their industry. Brands can also be allowed to display personalized advertisements to promote their content and reach the desired professional audience.

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