Why to Go for Keratin Treatment?

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If you are confused among various straightening methods in the market, this article will help you out. Once you made your mind for a hair treatment, you can explore so many options. Girls often get confused due to nomenclature, Japanese treatment, and Brazilian blow-out. So, this article will give clarity on the same.

We don’t live air-conditioned proof life. We witness rough, frizzy, and brittle hair whenever we go out in the dust.  Some gorgeous girls think that it is part of their life, but they don’t know they can transform their look with just one hair treatment. Yes, thanks to the beauty industry that has integrated technologies in it. We can get hair treatment like Keratin treatment, smoothening, and other hair treatments at our disposal. Earlier this was not the case though. Things were pretty different then. Girls have to compromise on their desires looks. But now not only girls but boys are also going for rebonding and keratin treatment.

What is keratin treatment?

Keratin is a protein present in our hair naturally. It adds shine to your hair. If you have ever witnessed frizzes, that is due to a deficiency of keratin. This treatment adds keratin in the porous part of your hair and cuticles.  It takes the frizzy hair and hence makes hair more manageable.

Smoothening v/s Keratin treatment

There are pros and cons of all the treatments like keratin, smoothening, rebonding, etc. But the difference must be clear to you. It will help in making a decision.

You must have seen people with pin-straight hair and natural-looking straight hair. The difference is due to different treatments. In keratin treatment structure of the hair is not altered; it will make your hair more manageable. In smoothening and rebonding your hair structure is altered. You will get pin-straight hair in smoothening and rebonding but not in a keratin treatment. A keratin treatment will remove frizzes; give a shinier texture and natural-looking straight hair.

People with stubborn curls will not get a satisfactory result from keratin if they want straight hair. If you have wavy or straight hair, keratin will do wonder. In treatment like smoothening and rebonding, each strand of hair will get straight.

Although both the treatments involve chemical treatment each has its benefits. You will save a lot of time after keratin treatment; it will provide luster and moisture to your hair. It is suitable for all hair types and requires less heat treatment.

A short tour on procedure

The procedure starts with the consultation process with your hairstylists. Here, they will discuss the entire history of your hair. They will examine your hair before starting your treatment. Don’t hesitate to discuss with them. If you have gone to hair treatment in the past like any treatment or hair coloring, tell them about it. Then, if they found your hair strong enough for the treatment, they will wash your hair with shampoo. Here you have to take care of your hair is color-treated or you don’t mind getting hair color faded.  Hairstylists know the right time to apply things. After a few moments, they will apply protein treatment.  It will take 20 minutes to dry then comes hair ironing which is seal-locked in your hair.  After 72 hours you have to revisit the salon for shampooing.

The procedure can take 4 to 5 hours depending on the hair length. Your hair will remain like this for 4 to 5 months depending on the hair care routine.

Keratin treatment in Lucknow

As this is a unisex treatment you can have it in any unisex salon in LucknowOr if you just want to meet any hair expert in Lucknow, you can ask them to call them. Some salons can give you the best keratin treatment in Lucknow but you may find it unaffordable. You may find a decent service on average salons also. For this and other methods of hair straightening in Lucknowtake the help of internet search.

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